Dr Uvais Ahmed By Latheef Farook

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Source of inspiration to the younger generation

Well known educationist and international civil servant Dr Uvais Ahmed, passed away early this month. His funeral took place at the Dehiwala Burial grounds on October 6.

His story is a story of success. The eventful journey of his life his remains a source of inspiration to the younger generation who aspire to reach the pinnacle with confidence and hard work.

A dear friend of mine whom I met regularly  at  Wellawata Kinross beach, often for dose of jokes and laugh, before  he stopped  his morning walk Dr .Uvais Ahmed, educated at St. Mathews College, Colombo, started his professional career as Teacher immediately after school.

Subsequently, he obtained his BA (English, Economics, and Philosophy), receiving second class Honors at the Sri Jayewardenepura University, post – graduate diploma in applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh, winning a British Government Scholarship and his PhD from Columbia Pacific University, majoring in Education. He also obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in School Administration from the Moray House College of Education UK, and a Diploma in Educational Media from the Asia – Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development in Malaysia.


 He worked as a teacher, textbook writer, education officer, lecturer in English at the Teachers ‘Training College,Prinicpal at Gampola and Colombo Zahira colleges, director of education in charge of curriculum development and teacher education and director of Sri Lanka college of Journalism. 

In 1978, Dr. Ahmed, appointed by UNESCO AS Expert in Educational Media and Education Technology, functioned as consultant to the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) in Paris.

In 1983, he joined the UN/FAO as their Consultant in Development Communication and Non-formal Education in Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Thailand and the kingdom of Tonga. He has also served the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, as their Consultant in Teacher Education and was a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University, Canberra.

On retirement he wrote his biography. In writing his biography he said;

“I have reached, I believe, the pinnacle of my profession. Having straddled the globe, vesting more than 80 countries as part of my professional work as well as on special assignments. It is interesting to look back at the beginning of this long and compelling journey. I have begun yet again to trace the steps of my life through the nib of my pen on the face of a blank page in the hope my story would inspire and encourage other young men and women who are destined to face the many changes that life would throw across their paths.

With him leaving the scene the community and the country lost two top ,( Dr M.A.M.Shukry) intellectuals.

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