The Capture by the Criminals and Muslims’ Distancing from Islam Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

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The capture by the criminals

Apart from a few exceptions, almost all parts of the Muslim World are under a full capture by the criminals. In most of the Muslim countries it is not the people’s vote, voice or wish that decide politics, but the guns and the bullets. Hence, those who have guns and bullets, they are the rulers. Democratic rights, basic human rights and rule of law have no place in such occupation of the armed militants. Robbery of money is not the only crime; the worst crime is the robbery of people’s rights. Such robbery on people’s rights is indeed the way of governance in most of the Muslim countries. And it is the highest patriotic act to fight for ending the capture of such criminals. Surprisingly, the common Muslim people -like domestic cattle show little interest in ending the occupation. 

However, such cattle-like silence or inaction doesn’t make anyone innocent. When a house gets on fire, none of the household members should stand aloof or inactive, he or she must do everything to stop the fire. Likewise, when a country goes under the occupation of the enemies cum criminals, every citizen must do everything to end the occupation. It is an Islamic obligation. Staying silent or detached on such issues is haram in Islam. Such silence is indeed the complicity in the crime.

Allah Subhana wa Ta’la wants His land free from ignorance, corruption, exploitation, injustices and suppression. To achieve that goal, the Almighty Allah has His Own prescription and action plan. He has prescribed sharia to enjoin justice and eradicate corruption. He has also prescribed obligatory jihad for the execution of sharia. Five-time daily prayers, month-long fasting in Ramadan, hajj and charity can’t execute sharia. Nor can they clean up the societies. Only jihad can do that job. It is indeed the executive tool of Islam. If there is no jihad, sharia remains confined only in the Qur’an. Then, the ruling criminals stay unchallenged. In such a situation, Islam fails to deliver its benefit to mankind. Considering its importance, jihad was made obligatory on every believer. It is indeed the highest ibadah in Islam.                                        

But awfully, most of the Muslims stay distanced from jihad. Thus they show their rebellion against the decree of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala. As a result, they are paying the penalty. And it is paid by being ruled by the criminals. In absence of jihad, there exists no clean-up operation against the corruption, injustices and wrong doings. As a result, the Muslim World is inundated with crimes and corruption. The punishment will not end here, they will receive the rest of it in the hereafter. 

Millions of people in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan are starving. Muslims are the worst victims of poverty on the earth. In such a dire situation in the Muslim World, Saudi Arabia and UAE are spending trillions of dollars to build super luxury cities. Qatar made a $6.7 billion bid for Manchester United football club. In Pakistan, billions of dollars are being spent to sustain the pompous lifestyle of the civil and military elites – the white elephants of the country. What else could be expected from the criminal rulers?    

The case of Pakistan 

In Pakistan, the era of British colonisation ended in 1947. But an era of new colonisation has started in this Muslim majority country which was established in the name of Islam. This is the colonisation of Pakistan by its own Army. The lavish Army cantonments of Pakistan are indeed the fortified colonies of the radical and militant secularists who look alien to the faith, culture, customs and politics of the common people. Since they are incompatible to live with the common people in any part of the country, the Army started grabbing thousands of hectares of land to expand their project of colonisation in every big city of Pakistan. 

In the past, the Army showed its grotesque incompatibility with the ruling political parties like Muslim League and Peoples Party and didn’t allow them to stay in power for the full term; and now it shows the same incompatibility with Imran Khan and his party Tehrik-i-Insaf. Such incompatibility with the Bengalis politician in the past led to the break-up of Pakistan in 1971. Since the Pakistan Army is the continuation of the colonial British Army, the Army officers were immunised against the faith, culture and political beliefs of the native people. Because of that, they could work as the protector of the British colonial interest and stood inimal to the native people. Army officers’ such immunity against Islam and Muslim didn’t die on 14 August 1947; rather proved to be long lasting. As a result, the Army proved to be incompatible with the Islamic ideology and pan-Islamic politics from day one of Pakistan’s creation. This is why the Army officers couldn’t stop British days’ custom of drinking wine and womanising with the taxpayers’ money. This was stopped only by General Ziaul Haque in the late seventies. What a deep distaste of the Army against Islamic obligation and the native Muslim culture! The  Army officers show their compatibility more with the western kuffars than with the conservative native Muslims. This is why they could promptly join the US’s war on Islam and could kill more than 70 thousand Pakistanis. They could also hand over hundreds of innocent Muslims to the US Army for solitary confinement  in Guantanamo Bay prison. 

The Army is now the greatest economic burden on the poor Pakistanis. As per some estimate, $18 billions are spent in Pakistan on the parasitic military and civil elites. Whereas for a loan of only $3 billions, the government of Pakistan had to become an international beggar. What a shame! Afghanistan is now one of the debt-free countries in the world. Nor does it run through a famine. Because it has no white elephants to feed.   

The earned punishment                                        

These tyrant rulers have already qualified for a heavy punishment both here and in the hereafter. The common people, too, are not innocent either. They also qualified for the punishment by staying silent and inactive against the occupation of the criminal rulers. Such silence and inaction are forbidden in Islam. During Prophet (peace be upon him)’s days, Abdullah bin Ubai and his 300 associates were labelled munafiq for their non-participation in jihad. His five times prayers couldn’t save him from such an awful fate.   

It is worth mentioning that more than half of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) sacrificed their lives to clean up the societies and to strengthen the Islamic state. But now, such a cleansing process does not exist in any of the Muslim countries. These so-called Muslims have already distanced themselves from the Prophet (peace be upon him)’s full Islam. They live with partial Islam. This is why, Prophet (peace be upon him)’s Islam exists nowhere in the world. Most of the Muslims have made their own ways of living. It is indeed their peaceful coexistence with the criminals cum enemies of Islam. What could be the worst betrayal against the agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala than such a compromise? Can a Muslim protect his iman with such betrayal?  27/08/2023

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