The Seriousness of Pandamics, Quarantines and Lockdowns- – A story from the Holy Quran.

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In this Holy month of Ramdhan fasting, in which ALL of Mankind are snared by the Corona virus and its allies; we, apart from taking maximum precaution, have to get a holistic understanding of what we ae up against. In neighboring India it has got totally out of control, and is suffocating the whole nation. We in our ISLAND nation are fortunate that the authorities have put the country on a WAR footing and are hoping that its citizenry will strictly abide by quarantine rules and regulations.

The Holy Quran addresses this Pandamic situation very graphically in Chapter 2 verse 243 – Where The Most Gracious and Most Merciful God asks His Prophet Mohamed “Did you not turn thy vision to those who abandoned their homes, though they were thousands in number for fear of death.” Allah said to them “die”. Then He restored them to life. For Allah  is full of Mercy to Mankind – but most of them are ungrateful.

This story is continued in the Ibn Kathir’s Tasfir of the Holy Quran as “The Story of the Dead People. Ibn Abu Hatim related that Ibn Abbas said that  these people mentioned therein were the residents of a village called Dharwadan, a village several miles away from Wasit in Iraq. They were four thousand persons who escaped  the plague that broke out  in their land. They said “we should go to a land that is free from death”. When they reached a certain area, Allah said to them “Die”and they all died. Later on, one of the Prophets passed by them and prayed to resurrect them, and Allah brought them back to life.

In the deeper narration: these four thousand people we running away from quarantine  for fear of death. And took refuge in the wilderness. They later arrived at fertile valley and they filled what was between the two sides. Allah sent two angles to them. One from the lower side and the other from the upper side of the valley. The angles screamed once and all died at that same moment. They wer later moved to a different place, where walls and graves were built around them. Long afterwards, one of the prophets of the children of Israel, Hizqil (Ezekiel) passed by them and asked Allah to bring them back to life by His command. Allah accepted his prayer and instructed him to say “O rotted bones Allah commands you to come together”, The bones of all the bodies were brought together. Allah then commandes him to say “O bones Allah commands you to be covered with flesh nerves and skin”. This also happened  while Hizil was watching. Allah then commanded him to say “O souls Allah commands you to return to the bodies that it inhabited”. They all came back to life, looship ked around and proclaimed “All praize is due to you” O Allah and there is no diety worthy of worship exc ept you”.Allah brought them back to life after they had perished long qgo. This also confirms the Islamic belief in the  resurrection. Allah is full of Grace, Mercy and bounty to Mankind.

This story of the Dead People, illustrates the great importance of Qurantine. It also shows us that  us no caution can ever avert destiny. And there is no refuge except with HIM.

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