Israel-Arab dictators and US-European imperialism

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By Latheef Farook

The  indifference  of  Arab dictators, not the people seething with anger, to   United States -European – Israeli genocide of Palestinians  and destruction of Gaza  have shown  that  the Arab tyrants  and Israel are two sides of the same US-European imperialism. 

Installed in power and protected  by US,Britain and France they all serve their western masters’  agendas against their own  people  to ensure  their seats of power.  There is nothing called  freedom as such in the entire Middle East. Democracy, freedom and  human rights are  not tolerated  by their  Western masters who  only tolerate tyrants who   keep the people oppressed and subdued. Media remains state controlled . 

The message from  dictators to their  enslaved people is either toe the line or end up in jail.Islam remains   in the mosques. This is the common message of Arab dictators to  their people.Unable to live in this oppressive and suffocating   environment thousands of scholars and intellectuals   left their countries to live elsewhere.

The US led west and Israel  use Arab dictators to crush democracy.

For example in the wake of 2011 Arab uprising  in Egypt  people  overthrow  more than thirty year old oppressive dictator Hosni Mubarak. In the subsequent free and fair  elections in more than sixty years   people  elected a pro Islamic  Mohamed Morsy as their president . Alarmed West and Israel got  their hit men Saudi  Arabia,UAE and Kuwait to spend eleven billion dollar to topple this regime  and install in power  another dictator  Abdel Fattah El Sisi who serves his   masters obediently.  

Condemning the Israeli barbarity people  world wide protest demanding  to stop the killing and destruction.This  covered from Indonesia and Malaysia  to almost all western capitals .One such demonstration was held in Washington   by the anti Zionist Jews . 

However there was no such mass demonstrations  in the Middle East as   tyrants do not allow. Instead while Palestinians were deprived of water, food and medicine since October  8  United Arab Emirates which triggered the Sudanese crisis and virtually turned the country in to a killing field sent ten trucks loads  of  fresh foods to Israel

 The genocide has  so  far affected the entire 2.3 million Palestinians.Philippe Lazzarini      Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East since 2020 had this to state about Palestinian sufferings. 

“Many will carry lifelong scars, both physical and psychological. The vast majority, including children, are deeply traumatized,” The plight of children, in particular,  “is heartbreaking,” with thousands that  “have been killed, maimed, or orphaned.”

“Their future is in jeopardy, with far-reaching and long-lasting consequences,”   The crisis in Gaza,  is a “man-made disaster compounded by dehumanizing language and the use of food, water and fuel as instruments of war.” Despite repeated calls, “a humanitarian ceasefire is still not in place to stop the killing of people in Gaza and enable the safe delivery of food, medicine, water and shelter” .

He said the onset of winter makes life even more unbearable, especially for those living out in the open. Aid workers, “including 146 of my own UNRWA colleagues were killed alongside doctors, journalists and children – no one is spared,” he added.

Yet the hearts of Arab dictators  failed failed to melt.

Muslims world wide expected Saudi Arabia and the oil rich Gulf countries  to at least  provide water,food and medicine.   Instead they sided with  Israelis   to turn Gaza into a slaughter house . 

Dismissing the Muslims worldwide,  Saudi  Arabia  hosted in Riyadh on Dec. 14-16, 2023,   the Middle East’s largest music festival, MDLBEAST Soundstorm.  Further distancing  itself from Islam   Saudi ambassador to the UK   Khalid bin Bandar Al Saud, said  “My government has never ever claimed a religious leadership.”  

Rewarding Saudi Arabia for  siding with  Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians Germany  which   openly supported  Israeli barbarity in Gaza, announced it would   resume weapons supply to Saudi Arabia which is keen to establishing ties with Israel. 

In 1947, Saudi Arabia voted against the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine . However, as of 2023, bilateral negotiations towards Israeli–Saudi normalization are ongoing, with the United States,without which Saudi regime cannot survive for two weeks as stated by former US President Donald Trump, serving as the two sides’ mediator.

Confirming this Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan  told World Economic Forum  panel in Davos on 16 January that    “We agree that regional peace includes peace for Israel, but that could only happen through peace for the Palestinians through a Palestinian state, Asked if Saudi Arabia would then recognize Israel as part of a wider political agreement, he said: “Certainly.

 Exposing the Arab dictators’ hypocrisy  Ruth Wasserman Lande, former Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Egypt said,according to  Middle East Monitor, Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia and others have contradictory views on the Gaza conflict. She says these countries do not want a ceasefire in Gaza, adding that their private and public actions are not in agreement. 

People all over Middle East are enlightened of  this hypocrisy and betrayal. As a result  the region remains a  burning volcano about to erupt. The question is whether the  on going   US-European – Israeli barbarity on Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank  provide the trigger?


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