Journalist honored for his contributions to Palestine cause

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Veteran journalist and author Latheef  Farook was honored  for his contribution to Palestinian cause for more than   half a century  .The award was given  by    Dr. Zuhair M.H. Zaid , Palestinian Ambassador in Sri Lanka and  Bimal Ratnaiake  MP and the President of Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian People, SCSP, at a  ceremony held at the  Lotus Room ,Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall,BMICH,   on Wednesday November 29.


The  function  was organized to  mark   the unfortunate  29 November 1948  United Nations resolution No 181 which partitioned Palestine and created  an artificial  settler colonial  state of Israel for Jews brought in from Europe,Russia and Middle East.


Journalist Latheef   has written more than 500 articles on different aspects of   Israel Palestine issue since  the June 1967   US Europe backed  Israel’s  aggression during which Israel captured  West Bank,Gaza,Golan Heights, East Jerusalem,Sinai and South Lebanon.


On the eve of the   Summit Conference of Non  Aligned Countries in Sri Lanka in 1975    Latheef founded the  Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian People to highlight the plight of Palestinians.


Palestine Authority Chairman Mahmud Abbas who attended the Non Aligned Summit invited Latheef for a special breakfast meeting to thank   him for   his single handed contributions to highlight the just Palestinian cause.He has also been in direct contact with Palestine Liberation Organisation ‘s foreign affairs chief Dr Farouk Qaddumi.


Latheef has written two books on Palestine-One deals with the comprehensive history of Palestine issue and the other one deals with Israel’s repeated genocides in Gaza under the title Gaza-The Other Holocaust.


Both books will be published soon.


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