No-Confidence Motion against PM Imran Khan

US conspiracy to silence emerging voice of Muslims

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By Latheef Farook

Compiler - Latheef Farook
Latheef Farook

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s supporters celebrating after the no confidence motion against him was defeated and fresh elections were called in 90 days.

No confidence motion against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was described as a US conspiracy to remove him from power, install a stooge and silence Imran’s voice for justice for Muslims worldwide.

For more than a quarter century Malaysia’s respected former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed has been the champion spearheading Muslim issues in all regional and international forums. His voice is fading due to age.

However Imran Khan started replacing Dr Mahathir as the voice of Muslims. For example during the recent conference of Organization of Islamic Countries, OIC, in Islamabad hecriticized the Muslim world for its failure on Palestine and Kashmir Issues.

There are 22 Muslim countries in the Middle East ruled by despots installed by US-UK, France and supported by Russia. They do not raise Muslim issues and even abandoned Palestinians, Jerusalem and turn blind eye to endless Israeli atrocities to please their US-European masters to remain in power.

Pakistan has been no exception and was aligned with United States for long.

However Imran Khan wanted Pakistan to have an independent foreign policy. Addressing the Islamabad Security Dialogue, Khan emphasized that an independent foreign policy was crucial for the country. He said the reason why Pakistan could not touch its peak potential was its dependency syndrome on other powerful nations.

“A county without an independent foreign policy remains unable to secure the interests of its people,” he said

It was as part of this policy that Imran Khan,Turkey’s Recip Tayyib Erdogan and Mahathir Mohammad planned to jointly form an Islamic bloc. He also started establishing closer ties with Iran.  Such measures alarmed United States and its stooge Saudi Arabia.

This voice need to be removed. Thus came the no confidence motion against him. 

Sixty nine year old , Oxford University, RGS Worcester and Aitchison College educated  politician Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former cricketer gave a much needed democratic flavor ,freedom and dignity to Pakistan, known for its endless military rule since its inception on 1947.

It all started when the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) party, a major political force representing migrants from Indian subcontinent settled  in Sindh province, announced it was leaving Imran Khan’s ruling coalition government.


In an address to his supporters at a rally in Islamabad Khan accused former PM Nawaz Sharif, twice removed as prime minister due to corruption and ex-president Asif Ali Zardari, better known as “Mr Ten Percent” of hatching a conspiracy funded and supported by the “foreign forces”.

Later at an event in the capital Khan said the current political crisis started due to his government’s “independent foreign policy” that used to be earlier controlled through “telephone calls”.

In an interview with ARY News Imran Khan said that the ‘Establishment, (military) gave him three options’- resign, face no-trust motion or face an early election.  Imran khan has decided to choose the early election.

“Ever since I formed the government, I have been saying Pakistan’s foreign policy should be for the Pakistan’s people. But, that never meant “enmity” with other nations,” Imran Khan says. In his address to the nation,  Imran Khan claimed that a foreign nation sent a message to them (Pakistan) that Imran Khan needs to be removed else Pakistan will suffer consequences.

Later Khan openly accused US of meddling in Pakistan’s affairs and alleged that the opposition was conspiring with Washington to remove him because he would not take the side of the US and Europe on global issues against Russia and China.

Commenting on the social media Pakistani journalist Nasim Zehra said that a US undersecretary of state called outgoing ambassador Asad Majeed Khan and told him that as long as Imran Khan is the PM relations with Pakistan cannot improve and if he goes Pakistan can be forgiven for its mistakes”. She described this as an “outrageous official communication” that all must condemn.

Meanwhile Steven Sahiounie a two-time award-winning journalist had this to say in an article titled ”Pakistan PM Imran Khan Saved from a US Planned Regime Change” in the popular website Global Research;


Khan had said in his address to the nation, “I never wanted to be a slave to any country. When I came to power I decided we will have an independent foreign policy.” He added that times have changed and his government “wouldn’t accept the slavery of others. We will forge friendships with everyone. We won’t become slaves.”


Khan also claimed that the US “threatened” him and is seeking to oust him from office as he faced a no-confidence vote in the Pakistan National Assembly. He claimed foreign funds in the hands of his political enemies were trying to topple his government to take control of the foreign policy of Pakistan.

 The US wants Khan out because he had been pursuing an independent foreign policy and was visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin on the day he launched the attack on Ukraine. Pakistan afterward refrained from participating in a UN Security Council vote on a resolution denouncing Russian aggression toward Ukraine. Khan chastised the 22 UN envoys for urging Pakistan to denounce Russia, and was quoted as asking the envoys, “Are we slaves and act according to your wishes?”

However, in a dramatic turn of events, on Sunday 3 April 2022, Pakistan’s deputy Speaker Qasim Suridismissed the no-trust motion against  Imran Khan stating that it was against the Constitution and rules of Pakistan.

 Imran Khan nnounced fresh polls in 90 days. In a short address to the nation, Imran Khan said the conspiracy to take down his government has collapsed and asked the people  to “Get ready for elections”.

Paying tribute Imran Khan in an article in the Indian ExpressC.Raja Mohan said Imran Khan has done what no civilian leader in Pakistan has done before. He has challenged the army’s hegemony on a broad range of issues, blocked the no-confidence motion against him by dissolving the assembly.

In Pakistan, civilian leaders who have defied the army found themselves in prison, executed or exiled. Imran has made bold to take on the army, test the boundaries of the national ideology that Rawalpindi claims to protect, and challenge the deep state by mobilizing the street, stated C.Raja Mohan.

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