US-European backed Israeli genocide in Gaza

Exposed Arab dictators who betrayed Palestinians

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By Latheef Farook

Israeli genocide of   Palestinian civilians and the destruction of  Gaza, blindly backed by United  States and Europe , exposed the  political and military bankruptcy of  secular Arab dictators. So far they refused to do anything substantial  to stop  genocide  of  Palestinians who were deprived of water,food,medicine, fuel and electricity for more than a month.

 Arab dictators  even refused to withdraw their ambassadors  from  Tel Aviv  and  Israeli flag continue  to fly  in  Jordan ,Egypt UAE,,Bahrain,Morocco and Sudan  while  Bolivia,followed by Chile and Columbia,  withdraw its ambassador from Tel Aviv  in protest against on going genocide of Palestinians.

 Only after three weeks of bombing  and killing more than 8500 Palestinians and flattening almost half of the buildings in Gaza, Bahrain and Jordan decided on 2 November, to withdraw their ambassadors from Tel Aviv demanding to stop the  genocide  of Palestinians in Gaza.

Ireland’s Sinn Fein has  also called for the envoy’s expulsion for as long as Israel ignores demands for a ceasefire. South Africa recalled all its diplomats  saying   “Israel is threatening the stability of the global system  and US is  making a peaceful global order sit on tenterhooks.”

 Throughout the  Arab  world  it is  dictatorship.People in general and intellectuals in particular are treated as slaves. Most of the intellectuals migrated to countries where they enjoy  freedom and recognition.

This applies to secular Palestine Authority Chairman Mahmud Abbas who refused to hold elections and continue to implement the evil Israeli designs on  his people in return for the patronage and financial support.

These secular  dictators,carefully screened,selected and installed in power by their  US-Britain and  French masters were given one  message   that they  should not  allow Islamic forces to rise .The west in general will never allow  a political force aligned to Islam  in the Middle East-the birth place of Islam.

For example in the December 1991 elections in Algeria,  Islamic party FIS  won 188 seats  and won the elections  .However France  and its secular stooges   crushed  Islamic forces ,FIS ,and installed a secular military dictator in power.

In the free and fair elections held in the aftermath of the 2010/11 Arab Spring  in Egypt pro Islamic Brotherhood Mohamed Morsy won the elections.  US- Europe and Israel got Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and United Arab Emirates to spend eleven billion dollar to  overthrow Mohamed Morsy  and  install  military dictator Abdel Fattah Sisi   to serve their  interests.

 Former US President Donald Trump who signed a 100 billion dollar weapons  agreement with Saudi Arabia  said that  Saudi Arabia, cannot be in power for two weeks without US support.

 Saudi Arabia ,perhaps the largest importers of weapons from US,Britain and other European countries spending billions.However it is not going to use these weapons against Israel to save Palestinians  as it  depends on US and maintain secret ties  with Israel.

 Saudi regime   used these weapons to wage war on Yemen and  create  the worst ever humanitarian crisis  besides killing  innocent Yemenis and destroying the entire infrastructure.So far Saudi  had done nothing to protect the  Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The UAE   has shown more sympathy toward Israel. A key signatory of the 2020 Abraham Accords, Abu Dhabi issued a statement on Oct. 8 which emphasized that “attacks by Hamas against Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza Strip, including the firing of thousands of rockets at population centers, are a serious and grave escalation” and condemned Hamas for abducting Israeli civilians as hostages. Of the  22 Arab   countries nine called on the UN Security Council for  immediate cease fire  in Gaza and West Bank.Egypt, the largest and most populous Arab country,is not going to lift a finger to help  as it  depends on US financial help.

However once again, the Arab street is the epicenter of peaceful demands for change. Apart  from worldwide protests  demonstrations have swept across the region—including notable demonstrations in Casablanca, Algiers, Tunis, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, and Manama—in support of the Palestinians in Gaza and their basic human rights in the face of an ongoing Israeli military assault and horrifying living conditions.

 US-European governments care a damn for the Arab dictators  .For example the  day after  US   approved a $14.3 billion military aid package for Israel, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in his third visit to Israel spoke of the need to minimise, not stopping, the killing  of Palestinians.

The pathetic state of affairs in the Middle East is such that Aleida Guevara,  daughter of the legendary Che Guevara  , asked why the Arab dictators remain silent and what are they waiting for without acting to save the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank.

Erenst “Che” Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist.  In a statement  Guevara’s sixty three year old daughter  Aleida Guevara  asked;

O Arabs.What are you waiting for? What is happening in Gaza  and when will this   end? Are you waiting until Israel achieve its dream? Isn’t it time you save your brothers and sisters, your blood,  people of your religion and culture. Isn’t it time for Arab rulers to   unite to save the Palestinians. I live   far away from you but  my heart is with   my Palestinian brothers and sisters.I am  a doctor.If I can enter Gaza I will  be with the Palestinians to help them.I am not worried about my life . Oh Palestinians continue your struggle. Move ahead thinking either freedom or death  until victory.

Israeli genocide in Gaza showed the whole world the evil and  cruel nature of Zionist Jews and their US,European supporters . Middle East remains  a burning volcano about to erupt  with unpredictable consequences for the region and the world.

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Disclaimer: US-European backed Israeli genocide in Gaza

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