Webinar on “Indian Debt Trap (Sri Lanka)”

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COLOMBO: A webinar titled “Indian Debt Trap (Sri Lanka)’ was conducted from Geneva, Switzerland. Webinar was about the Indian financial assistance for Sri Lanka and its implications for the Island nation.
Webinar was moderated by Ms. Ma Emmanuella Esber, International Relations & Diplomacy Specialist, while ‘Panelists’ of the webinar were Latheef Farook, Senior Journalist / Author, Dr. Yousuf Marikkar, Human Rights Activist, Ms. Ama C Siriwardhana, Attorney at Law / Social Justice Advocator.

Moderator initiated the discussion with elaborating the economic crisis of Sri Lanka which has provided India an opportunity to increase her presence in Sri Lanka through loans and credit lines. Panelists mentioned that current economic crisis is created by the politicians. They also discussed the Indian expansionist agenda since its independence and mentioned BJP’s leader statement that Indian border is from the West of Pakistan to East of Thailand including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka while also highlighted the interference by India in LTTE war. Participants blamed Sri Lankan politicians for economic collapse in Sri Lanka and providing Modi an opportunity for better foot print in Sri Lanka. Utilizing financial assistance during current economic and political crisis, India is softly penetrating in Sri Lanka through different energy and defence projects.

Participants highlighted that India is exploiting the ‘Sovereignty’ of Sri Lanka using debt trap as main concern of India is Chinese investment in Sri Lanka. India is forcing Sri Lanka for the implementation of 13th Amendment which endorses the merger of North and East against the will of Sri Lankan people and conduct of unviable provincial Council Elections. Indian investment in Western Container Terminal, Trinco Oil Tanks and Renewable Energy Projects, violating the procedures and transparency was also discussed. CEB Chairman’s statement regarding “Modi pressurized President Gotabaya for Wind Power Projects to be handed over to Adani” is case in point.

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