Gulf Sheikhs opening their doors for Israel. By Latheef Farook

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Prelude to US-Israeli war with Iran involving Gulf countries?

Autocratic Gulf oil sheikhs who maintained secret relations with Israel for decades started opening their doors to Israel under pressure from their US-European masters. This was despite Israel’s ongoing atrocities towards Palestinians, occupation of Jerusalem, grabbing Palestinian lands, demolishing Palestinian homes and other such crimes.

United Arab Emirates announced on August 13, 2020 the establishment of diplomatic ties with Israel followed by Bahrain. It is a matter of time Oman follow the suit. Saudi Arabia, an active collaborator with all US-Israel wars in the region maintain close relations with Israel for decades.

Demonstrating Saudi dependence on US for its survival, the 84 year old Saudi monarch Salman, supporting Gulf countries’ normalization deals with Israel, has delivered a scathing attack on Iran in his speech at United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday 24 September 2020.

Khalil al-Anani, a Senior Fellow at the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies in Washington said “This is an alliance between US-Israeli masters and the UAE slave to ensure Israel’s regional hegemony with Emirati funding and promotion.

Now the question is whether the US-European-Russian-Israeli- Saudi war mongers who turned oil rich developed Iraq, Libya and Syria into killing fields and driven more than 35 million people into refugee camps, will drag Gulf States into a war with Iran. This is suicidal for Gulf sheikhs.

Israel’s next main target is to destroy Iran. Jewish lobby which makes and unmakes politicians and governments in US were itching to launch war on Iran to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. However they know the risk involved as Iran will fight to the end.

Evangelical Christian US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: normalization is all about creating a military alliance against Iran. Alastair Crooke of the Beirut-based Conflicts Forum said “far from being a “peace deal” to transform the Middle East into a region of milk and honey, the agreement is likely to launch a new era of war and instability in the Gulf.

Through its presence in the Gulf, Israel will be on Iran’s western border, posing an existential threat to Tehran. Iran views normalization between Israel and the Arab Gulf countries as a conspiracy with great risks for the region. The UAE’s territories could be used to spy on Iran, while Israel could also infiltrate Iranian society by exploiting contacts with the Iranian community in the Emirates.
It is worthy to note that in the aftermath of the Iraq-Iran war in 1988, Iraqi armed forces emerged victorious and battle hardened. Israel and its US- European collaborators wanted to destroy Iraq.

As part of this conspiracy US tricked Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait by getting its ambassador in Baghdad April Gaspie to tell Saddam Hussein that if Iraqi troops enter Kuwait US will consider it an Arab-Arab affairs.

Encouraged Saddam Hussein dispatched troops to Kuwait and triggered the Kuwaiti crisis which was exploited by US-Europe and Israel to launch war on Iraq and cause immeasurable death and destruction to both Iraq and Kuwait.

The irony is that they got the Gulf sheikhs to meet the cost of the war. A leading businessman in Bahrain told me that Saudi Arabia alone spent 75 billion dollars. Since then all six gulf countries-Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar were brought under complete US, and thus Israeli, control.

The situation today is such that no Gulf ruler can remain in power without the support of the US. Below the surface they are very unpopular with their own people who accuse them of looting their wealth and holding to power and positions.

There has been a general hatred towards Israel in view of its atrocities for almost a century. The tyrants who rule Middle East had done nothing to stop these Israeli atrocities. Thus the people from Gulf to Middle East and North Africa hate their rulers.

In the event of a US-Israeli war on Iran, Gulf countries will inevitably be involved and may have to face destruction. Disgusting and pathetic state of affairs in the Middle East is such that the Arab League failed to condemn the Gulf countries establishing diplomatic ties with Israel.

Former US Secretary of State Dr Henry Kissinger once said” seven countries in the Middle East need to be destroyed to ensure Israel’s supremacy in the region. Now that they had already reduced to dust five important countries such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Yemen, perhaps, now wanted to destroy the Gulf region which witnessed unprecedented development boom during past half a century.

The tragedy is the shameless Arab tyrants who collaborated with US in destroying these countries will certainly be a party to forthcoming destructions.

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