Martyr Soleimani Is a Role Model

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Undoubtedly, every battlefield is a scene of hardship and suffering. However, this field is also full of spirituality and precious lofty human values; if it is to defend a right and just cause.

Since there is no escape from struggle and war in preserving human dignity and honor and removing oppression, the human soul is bound to get polished in the bargain and man gets closer to his heavenly and divine essence.

Certainly, being a role model is a function of certain characteristics and one has to have an influential personality, be a man of lasting services, and be of unity-creating presence in order to successfully, nobly, and honorably pass various divine tests. In other words, it is under such circumstances that one gets to be recognized and noticed as a respectable role model and exemplar for others.

Having had many valuable traits and good qualities, Martyr HaajQasem Soleimani was one of those rare human beings who have come to be transnational models.

General Soleimani was one of the most religious, most faithful, and most devout guards of the Islamic Revolution who worked for the establishment of religious principles in society and the defending the lofty values of Islam before and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Martyr General Qasem Soleimani was actively involved in the battlefields of fire and blood for many years and despite his heartfelt faith in the Shiite school of thought and the religion of Islam, he respected the religious thoughts and beliefs of others. Thus, just as he tried to liberate the Shiite areas, he made a lot of effort and sacrifices and displayed a lot of courage to ensure the safety of the Sunni, Yazidi, and Christian areas of the region, too.

He used to frankly, honestly, and clearly say: “Our society is our family”. He considered the existing differences to be a natural phenomenon and had easily accepted them, and it was as a result of this view that he fascinated millions of people and made himself a beloved personality to his nation.

The precious experiences he had gained in the course of the imposed war and sacred defense, in different countries of the region, and in various responsibilities vested onto him, had taught Martyr Soleimani that the greatest problem of Islamic society and Iran is lack of unity.

Therefore, HaajQasem Soleimani sought to resolve this problem through cohesion and unity, and the type of unity he looked for was solidarity among all classes, religions, sects, and political groups. This is the sign of the great honor and lofty nobility of a brave commander who never uttered a single word or sentence that could become the source of discord and dissonance in Iranian society and other Islamic countries.

Martyr Soleimani’s school of thought is an anti-arrogance school. A review of the practical code of conduct of this popular commander clearly reveals that anti-arrogance is not possible in the absence of a powerful and efficient weapon called unity and cohesion.

There is a reward for every sincere task and the reward of years of self-sacrifice, being present on the battlefronts and going from trench to trench, hope in divine grace, and the abundant efforts in humbly serving his Creator in the form of prayers and supplications – done privately to gain closeness to God Almighty – is nothing except the honor of martyrdom, which is the art of the men of God.

No other form of demise, except martyrdom, would have been worthy of HaajQasem Soleimani and people like him.

The lofty personality of such a devout servant of God Almighty deserved the beautiful grace of martyrdom; the martyrdom that became life-giving.

By: H.E. Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Esmaeili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance

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