Eyewitness Says Israeli Soldiers Raped Women Before Killing Them in Al Shifa Hospital in Palestine by Dr Marwan Asmar

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Much of the information coming out of Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City speak of dark times and ill-will for the people there.

Ever since the Israeli army raided the hospital last week reports have suggested of unspeakable atrocities being made to the doctors, nurses, general staff as well as the thousands of displaced people there who took the hospital as their abode because they have nowhere to go.

Eyewitness accounts are horrifying. Jamila Al-Hisi, a woman besieged in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and managed to finally get out told Al-Jazeera the Israeli occupation soldiers are raping women and killing them.

On her exit from Shifa Hospital she said women have been subjected to rape, starvation, torture, and extrajudicial execution, and the @ICRC is doing nothing

“We haven’t found food or water for six days and we appeal to the Red Cross to provide water for the children and the sick,” she said, being forced to drinking dirty water and eat rotten food.

“The occupation has forced 65 families to leave the area around the Al Shifa Medical Complex whilst burning and killing entire families,” adding the “occupation forces burned the building we were barricaded in and we don’t even have water to break our fast and we don’t know where to go.”

Palestinians are being forcibly displaced by Israeli occupation forces from the area surrounding al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza,” Al Hisi added.

The Israelis admit to executing 140 people inside Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, including paramedics, patients and wounded whilst the siege is still ongoing after seven days with mass arrests.

The Israelis are looking for Hamas fighters and videoclips have shown the sound of gunfire in and around the health complex that have been surrounded by the Israeli tanks and snipers ready to shoot anyone who moves.

Footage have shown the residential areas surrounding the complex have been completely destroyed. They were wrecked before through Israeli bombing but this time around, the soldiers have made sure these neighborhoods are flattened.

But nevertheless, reports show fighting is still going on between the Israeli army and Izz Al Din Al Qassam fighters in between these neighborhoods.

This is while Israeli soldiers have been trigger-happy with the doctors inside the hospital. They’ve killed respected Dr Mohammed Zaher al-Nono refused to leave the hospital and insisted on continuing to treat the wounded. He was shot by the Israeli army forces in front of his patients.

This is in addition to other horrifying footage of the Israelis bombing the Al-Helu Hospital, which is also located near the Al Shifa hospital.

After the bombing patients and the injured were seen emerging from the rubble as the rooms collapsed around them.

The Israeli army wants the displaced people inside the Al Shifa Complex, estimated at 7000 or so to leave the hospital and head south but many say they have nowhere to go, they are tired, hungry and have no money. One is making an appeal on the social media, saying “please someone stop this?”

Dr Marwan Asmar is a journalist from Amman, Jordan

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