Israel paper warns of ‘civil war’ under Netanyahu’s ‘nightmare’ cabinet

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Demonstrators during an anti-government protest in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024. [Kobi Wolf/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, has warned of the outbreak of a civil war as massive demonstrations take place across Tel Aviv in light of the current security conditions and with the rule of the “nightmare cabinet” led by Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Imagine what will happen when crowds take to the streets while a war is raging in the background. The streets will be flammable and explosive” said the paper on Thursday, explaining that the demonstrators will be portrayed as “traitors and stabbing the nation and its soldiers in the back, and they will be dealt with accordingly, especially since the square is flooded with automatic weapons and pistols, which have been distributed according to political feudalism”.

In its report, Haaretz described the Netanyahu government as a “nightmare” which had made many promises, but delivered none of them.

“The Israeli government is now busy ensuring a permanent war in Gaza and the northern borders and igniting the West Bank. The government’s survival depends on the continuation of the war forever” it added.

The paper expected the year 2024 to be a gloomy one with the deaths and the collapse in the Gaza swamp and the Lebanese border, all the way to sacrificing Israeli prisoners.

Remarking on the economic crisis, the paper warned that it will lead to “boiling and renewed protests”, and added that “some version of a civil war is about to break out”, saying “the Foreign Ministry has been torn to pieces in a three-way rotation.”

“It became clear this week that the police returned to working as Ben Gvir’s militia, as it was before October 7” it said.

In recent days, tens of thousands of Israeli settlers demonstrated in Tel Aviv in a massive protest movement, demanding the return of Israeli prisoners, the overthrow of the government of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the rapid holding of new elections.

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