Moves to readmit Syria’s Assad into Arab League Exposes tragic state of affairs of Middle East politics. By Latheef Farook

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Reports emerge of moves to readmit Syria, tyrant Bashar Al Assad, into Arab League which is nothing but a League of Tyrants. However Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said there was no consensus yet on Syria being allowed back into the League.

Syria’s membership was suspended in 2011 over Assad’s war crimes on protesters at the start of the civil war in when Syrians also came out seeking freedom in the aftermath of the 2011 Arab uprising.

Bashar Al Assad from the minority Shiites responded by indiscriminately arresting, torturing and killing his own Sunni majority people. In the midst United States, Britain, France, Israel, Russia, Iran , Saudi Arabia and gulf countries entered the scene and turned this almost developed ancient country into a killing field.

Those managed to escape ended up in refugee camps in the neighboring countries, in Europe and beyond.

However as, protected by the US led west and its Arab stooges, Assad escaped unscathed. In fact he did a great service to US-Europe and Israel who were already busy invading country after country turning them into grave yards.

This was the reason why US led west and Israel vehemently protected Assad and his regime.
Describing the atrocities columnist Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal said “Asad has spilled enough blood to fill the country’s two barren rivers.

Almost a million people were killed, millions more have been wounded and up to half of the pre-war population of 23 million have been uprooted internally and externally.

Syrian uprising started as an extension of the much heralded Arab Spring morphed into a bloody conflict which has at times, resembled a proxy war for regional and international powers?

It remained peaceful for the first six months, as activists and protesters were at pains to avoid violence. Activists like Giath Matar (known as “Little Gandhi”) who were abducted in the first months of the uprising preached non-violence; Matar welcomed soldiers with flowers only to be kidnapped and killed by the Assad regime.

The rationale for the uprising was a basic human yearning to be unshackled from the not always metaphorical chains. The trigger was the graffiti scribbled on walls in the city of Daraa with the words “You’re next doctor” in reference to the coming protest movement against Assad.

A number of states claimed to support the struggle of the Syrian people betrayed them. Red lines were laid down by the US and then ignored when the regime carried out a massacre using chemical weapons in Ghouta in 2013.

The international community looked on as the UN Security Council was paralyzed under the weight of the Russian and Chinese vetoes. Iran and Israel made their preference and support for the Assad regime clear. The US and European states were ultimately paid lip service with their “support” for opposition groups.

The Syrian people have lost their trust in the UN Organization.
Today most of the country is in ruins, and like a certain Roman ruler 2,000 years earlier, Assad has fiddled whilst Syria and its people slaughtered. A decade on in Syria’s war, Assad has no moral high ground to claim or cling to.

However, the barrier of fear has been broken in Syria. Sacrifices have been made. The revolution started as an idea, and ideas don’t simply die. Recent developments in the legal accountability of Assad officials (albeit very junior officers) allow Syrians to look at the future with a ray of optimism. Hope springs eternal, and the struggle for peace and justice goes on.
Meanwhile Germany which host about 800,000 Syrian refugees started war crimes trials on Assad’s regime war criminals raising hopes for justice against a brutal regime.

A book published by Tim Anderson under the title “ The Dirty War on Syria, Regime Change and Resistance one review had this to state;

It is the true story of the imperialist proxy war waged on Syria by the U.S. and its Western and Middle Eastern puppet states. This account could also be titled “How to Destroy a Country and Lie About it”. Of course Syria is only one in a long line of countries destroyed by Washington in the Middle East and all over the Global South for more than a century.

Anderson’s analysis is particularly useful for dissecting the propaganda war waged by the U.S. to hide its active support for the vicious Islamic fundamentalists it is using in Syria. In spreading this propaganda the U.S. has been aided not only by the West’s mainstream press but also by its prominent so-called human rights organizations.

It is this very same Bashar Al Assad that the UAE and other US-European-Israeli stooges in the Middle East are trying to bring back to Arab League? This shows the tragic state of affairs in the Middle East ruled by tyrants installed in power and protected by Britain and France. Ends 20th Match 2021

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Disclaimer: Moves to readmit Syria’s Assad into Arab League Exposes tragic state of affairs of Middle East politics. By Latheef Farook - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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