Receiving Netanyahu in the land of Islam Unmasks Saudi deceptive face and insults Muslims worldwide By Latheef Farook

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Sunday 22 November 2020, the day self-declared custodian of Makka and Madina received lawless Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who persecute and brutalize Palestinians and desecrating mosques, will go down in the history of Muslims as the most shameful day.

It insults the entire voiceless and helpless Muslim world.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, soaked in Palestinian blood was received at the futuristic Saudi Red Sea resort city of Neom by Saudi prince Salman for three hours. The meeting was facilitated by outgoing Evangelical Christian US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who was also present.

Wide publicity was given to the meeting in the pro-Israeli western media. However, Saudi’s denied. This was a lie. Telling lie is a sin in Islam and deception has been part of Saudi regime.

Wide publicity was given to the meeting in the pro-Israeli western media. However, Saudi’s denied. This was a lie. Telling lie is a sin in Islam and deception has been part of the Saudi regime.

However, these meetings with Israeli political leaders and heads of Mossad who were in and out of Saudi palaces had been going on since the 1990s. All these meetings were tightly kept secret as Salman fears relations with Israel may backfire as most Saudis, including among the clergy and conservatives, perceive Israel as a hated enemy.
What is kept as secret especially from Muslims worldwide is that Saudis and Israelis were created by British imperialism and thus the two were sides of the same British imperial coin. For example during the early twentieth century, the Middle East was in disarray and a patchwork of tribal rulers controlled most of the area in the Middle East.

The British and French colonial powers which took control of the Middle East after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire during World War 1 in 1918, were conspiring to set up a Jewish state in Palestine. To achieve this Britain started seeking the support of Arab rulers.

Abdel Aziz ibn Al Saud was then a minor tribal ruler in Najd in Central Arabia. He was bribed and used by Britain to attack and defeat Sharif Hussein, Ottoman governor in Hejaz covering holy cities of Makka and Medina, who vehemently opposed the move to create Israel.

After overthrowing Shariff Hussein, the British Empire rebranded the new unified Wahhabi state (House of Saud) in 1932 as the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” (KSA). Makka and Madina were brought under the Saudi clan and Wahhabis who helped the British to lay foundations for Zionism in Arabia.

Since then Saudi Arabia maintains secret relations with Zionists while projecting to Muslims worldwide as the guardian of Islam and the Holy mosques in Makka and Madina.

Two days before late Yemeni President Ali Abdulla Saleh was assassinated he said Israel invaded Arab countries in June 1967, with the complete support of US and Europe, on a request made by Saudi King Feisal to US President Lyndon B Johnson. The Arabs lost West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and Golan Heights.
This was a crippling blow to Palestinians and Muslims worldwide.

Since then Ibn Saud family has been hand in glove with Israel and their British and American masters in participating in all their wars which destroyed Muslim countries, massacred millions of Muslims and turned the Middle East into a killing field.

This included eight yearlong Iraq-Iran war which killed more than a million Muslims and destroyed the two countries, US –European Israeli war to evict Iraqi forces from Kuwait,, war on Iraq which destroyed Iraq and driven millions into refugees amps and helping to crush Islamic government in Algeria in 1990 and install a secular military regime.

Saudi Arabia bribed and pressurized Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat to sign the September 1993 Oslo Accord which liquidated Palestinian freedom struggle.

During the Arab uprising in 2011, Saudi was an active partner in the US-Europe and Israel wars on Syria and Libya and help destroy these two prosperous countries and rob them of their oil wealth, gold and cash. They also killed millions of Muslims.
In it wake Egyptians voted to power, in free and fair elections for the first time in 60 years, Islamic Brotherhood led by Mohamed Morsi. Saudis, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait spent eleven billion dollars to create an artificial shortage of food and fuel leading to popular uprising which overthrew Mohamed Morsy.The plotters installed tyrant Abdel Fattah Sisi to serve the Zionist designs against the region and its people.

Over the years Muslims worldwide began to realize the true face of the Saudi regime which has become unpopular and deviated far away from Islam.

Saudis abandoned Palestinians to establish close ties with Israel to please its US European masters. Saudi ally with anti-Muslim BJP government in India refused to condemn Chinese barbarity of Uighur Muslims and gave a pittance of $ 30 million to Rohingya Muslims while invested 18 billion dollars on purchasing weapons -perhaps to kill Muslims.

It was with Saudi’s complete connivance that former President Donald Trump handed over Jerusalem to Israel. Saudis also blocked the formation of an Islamic political block comprising Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran and other Muslim countries. Salman’s air war on Yemen, together with Abu Dhabi, killed more than 100,000 lives, devastated this poorest country in the Arab world and created the worst, especially Muslims, from all over in the refugee camps languishing in abject conditions.

It was under this circumstance that Saudi regime has invited Netanyahu. Muslims in the region and beyond are seething with anger and an Egyptian journalist told me that the Saudi regime had gone too far and no one could predict its devastating consequences.

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Disclaimer: Receiving Netanyahu in the land of Islam Unmasks Saudi deceptive face and insults Muslims worldwide By Latheef Farook - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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