Saudi’s hide and seek honeymoon with Israel. By Latheef Farook

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Prelude to eventual normalization.

Saudi Arabia’s British installed autocratic regime which maintains secret relations with Israel while projecting to Muslims worldwide as the guardian of Islam and the two Holy mosques in Makka and Madina, is preparing public opinion to recognize Israel.

According to Washington Institute for Near East Policy report Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal Bin Farhan Al-Saud announced that his country believes in “eventual normalisation” of ties with Israel. However normalisation was hard to get used to, as “Israel is an occupying nation, drove Palestinians out of their homes .It continues its crime and conspiracies not only against Palestinians and the region but against Islam and Muslims worldwide.

Saudi regime depends solely on US today for its survival.US President Donald Trump said that the Saudi regime cannot survive for two weeks without US support.

The price Saudi pay for this is investing billions of dollars on purchase of weapons and help implement US-European-Israeli agendas on Muslims worldwide.

It is worthy to note that in the aftermath of World War 1, early last century, Ottoman Empire which ruled the Middle East was defeated. Britain and France ,occupied Middle East, began partitioning the region. Britain began canvassing support of Arab rulers to create Israel in Palestine. Ottoman governor Sheriff Hussein in Hijaz which included Makka and Madina fiercely opposed the creation of Israel. However Ibn Saud, the tribal ruler in Riyadh, Najd, first opposed and then remained silent to the idea of creating Israel.

Britain supplied weapons and bribed Ibn Saud to attack Sheriff Hussein. Once Hussein was over thrown British imperial power created present Saudi Arabia and brought holy cities of Makka and Madina under House of Saud control. Thus today’s Saudi Arabia is a British creation.

Since then Saudi -western ties continued and Saudi regime participated in all US-European and Israeli wars on Muslim countries.

Two days before late Yemeni President Ali Abdulla Saleh was assassinated he said Israel invaded Arab countries in June 1967 on a request made by Saudi King Feisal. Saudi and the West put forward assassinated President Saddam Hussein to invade Iran and triggered the eight year Iraq-Iran war which killed more than a million in the two countries.

However western media carefully protect the House of Saudi’s dual role- one to the west and the other to Muslims.

In view of its oil wealth ,control over the holy cities of Makka and Madina and the unstinted US-European and Israeli backing, Saudi’s wield strong influence over the oil rich sheikhdoms of the Gulf. This is the reason why many consider the Saudis as the force behind the recognition of Israel by UAE and Bahrain, and soon to be Oman, as prelude to its recognition.

As part of this program, in mid-September 2020, Abdurrahman al-Sudais, imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, shocked the Muslim world when he called Muslims to avoid “passionate emotions and fiery enthusiasm” towards Jews. It was a marked change for Al Sudais who has shed tears preaching about Palestine in the past.

The Palestinian issue which includes Jerusalem-the first Qibla of Muslims- is greater than all rulers, presidents and princes put together. An opinion poll revealed the hearts of the people in the region and beyond remain with Palestinians and Jerusalem with affection.
Saudi regime is unpopular with Muslims worldwide in view of its family rule, wide spread corruption and the lifestyle which completely contradicts Islam. Added to this ever since Prince Salman assumed power he was taking the country away from Islam.

Some of this include announcement of a tourist project which allows women in bikinis, opening Music festivals and movie theaters, reigning in religious police, fashion shows in the holy city of Madina, halloween parties, allowing dogs as pets at homes and organizing dog shows, arbitrary imprisonment of activists, journalists, academics and clerics, allowing Israeli flights into its airspace, abandoning burning Muslim issues such as Palestinians, Kashmiris, Uighurs and Rohingyas.

Prince Salman also blocked the formation of an Islamic block comprising Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey and other Muslim countries. His air war on Yemen has cost more than 100,000 lives, and devastated this poorest country in the Arab world.

“Under such circumstance any normalization by Saudi will open doors for Iran, Qatar ,Turkey and other like minded countries to call for internationalizing the two holy mosques,” referring to periodic calls by critics of Riyadh to have Mecca and Medina placed under international supervision.

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