Syria: Demonstrations against deteriorating living conditions

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Syrians stage a demonstration against Bashar al-Assad regime as the Syrian civil war entered its 11th year in Idlib, Syria. [ Izzeddin Idilbi – Anadolu Agency ]

Tens of Syrians in Jaramana in the Damascus countryside, south of Syria, demonstrated on Friday against deteriorating living conditions in the regime-controlled area, Aram Media reported.

Local sources said that the demonstrations started before the municipal council and headed towards Al-Soyouf Square in the city centre.

The demonstrators raised placards reading: “We do not want slogans, we want to eat,” blaming President Bashar Al-Assad for their plight.

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On Thursday, several demonstrations were launched from different areas controlled by the Al-Assad regime, Aram Media disclosed.

Meanwhile, As-Suwayda 24 News Network reported that the massive demonstrations closed major highways connecting villages and towns in the countryside leading to Damascus.

The demonstrations and strikes came following a decision by the Al-Assad government to raise oil prices amidst the ongoing deteriorating economic conditions.

The Al-Assad regime claims the situation is heading towards calm, but monitors believe it is deteriorating and expect demonstrations to increase as the devaluation of the Syrian Lira continues.

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