Gaza is defending the dignity of an entire nation

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People gather for the Edmonton Emergency Protest and Sit-In for Gaza outside the Alberta Legislature, on October 18, 2023, in Edmonton, Canada. [Stringer – Anadolu Agency]

Despite the destruction, pain and great sacrifices made by the Palestinians in Gaza, the military and political victory over the occupation state on 7 October signalled the beginning of the end for the Zionist colonial project. It not only shattered the myth of the invincible Israeli army — the deterrent factor is no more — but also obliterated the treacherous normalisation agreements. Moreover, it embarrassed the infamous security collaboration of the Palestinian Authority and its Oslo agents, paving the way for popular resistance to liberate Palestine and the Arab nations.

In response, the Zionist army is trying to save its reputation by resorting to the only thing that it is good at: bombing and killing civilians. Residential areas, hospitals and places of worship have been bombed. As many as 800 children and women were killed when Israeli bombs hit Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital.

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The resistance factions are working out of a joint operations room against the Zionist aggression. Their fighters have been strong and brave, and their rockets have breached the “Iron Dome” missile defence system, hitting targets deep inside Israel. One Israeli commentator said that Hamas has achieved a clear victory, which bodes ill for the occupation state.

The rules of the game have been changed by Hamas, which itself has become a deterrent factor. It has demonstrated admirable restraint, and warned the Israeli leadership that the ongoing bombing of Palestinian civilian targets will lead to an escalation in response. It also pointed out that more than 200 prisoners of war and hostages are being held under Israeli fire.

The Zionist enemy appears to be confused and fearful of the strength and defiance of the resistance. Will the Arab world understand that its enemy is at its weakest since its illegitimate birth, and that it is heading for its inevitable end thanks to its overbearing arrogance?


Besieged Gaza is the open-air prison resisting Israel’s colonisation of Palestine - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

Besieged Gaza is the open-air prison resisting Israel’s colonisation of Palestine – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

While Israelis hide in shelters, others are demonstrating against the government and hold Benjamin Netanyahu responsible for the events of 7 October. For the first time since the 1973 October War, Israel faces a large number of casualties, soldiers and civilians alike, in just 15 days. Meanwhile, the spirit of the Palestinians in Gaza is indomitable, despite so much death and destruction. This is the main difference between those whose land has been usurped by people from all over the world, and the usurpers who know that they are living on stolen land.


By the grace of God, Gaza is winning against the odds

It has confounded the Arab Zionists and the treacherous Arab conspirators. It is the only Arab city standing up to Israel’s aggressive expansion despite being under siege and the attempts to starve it into submission. Its legendary steadfastness throughout the long years of the siege has exposed the weakness of the Arab Zionist rulers who are terrified by the missiles fired at the Israeli enemy from which they seek support in their humiliating normalisation of relations.

This war has confirmed that the Palestinian issue is still the central issue for the Arab people. Their solidarity with Gaza and their mass demonstrations of support confirm this, as do the demonstrations in major cities across the West. The free people of the world support the people of Gaza, with London, for example, witnessing one of its largest demonstrations for 20 years. An estimated 300,000 people marched for a “Free Palestine” at the weekend. A rally was held just a few metres from the Foreign Office from which the infamous Balfour Declaration was issued in 1917.

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It is clear that the efforts of the Arab tyrants to kill awareness of the Palestine issue in the hearts of their people have failed. Attempts to frame Hamas as the “Muslim Brotherhood terrorist” enemy have not succeeded in diminishing support for the people of occupied Palestine. If the Arab governments, which are colluding with the enemy, had opened the door of jihad to them, they would have flocked to Palestine in their millions to stand shoulder to shoulder with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. Although this was not allowed to happen, we cannot ignore the emotional and moral significance of the impact on the people. It reinforces the important message that Palestine lives on in the heart of every Arab and Muslim; and that the apartheid state of Israel remains the eternal enemy of peace and justice.

Gaza is defending the dignity of an entire nation, and paying with the blood of its men, women and children. It is the fortress of a nation whose rulers are submissive and have failed their people; the final fortress of resistance in the nation today. God-willing, it will be the first fortress of a liberated Palestine.

There is nothing more beautiful than to finish with the words of the late poet Mahmoud Darwish about Gaza:

“Silence for Gaza”

Gaza has no horses, airplanes, magic wands, or offices in capital cities. Gaza liberates itself from our attributes, our language, and of her conquerors all at once. And when we run into her, once upon a dream, she may not recognise us because she was born of fire while we were born of waiting and crying over our homes.

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