Israel – Gaza: Savagery as Entertainment By Tom Feeley

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Let me ask a question. Do you think Israeli parent feels more pain for the death of their their children than Palestinian people do. It is sad that we find it necessary to state the obvious. We are one human family, there is no human subspecies. You may believe what you choose but facts show that we are all born from the same ancestors.

I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity and honor to work and live in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Latin America. Before going to Oman I read the Holy Koran (English Translation). I was invited and was very pleased to go with my Islamic brothers to Mosque on Friday’s . Before traveling to India, I read and the Bhagavad Gita and joined my Hindu brothers and sisters at the temple. I do not suggest that I am In any way an expert on either of these religions or cultures. What I will say is that no matter where I traveled, I was always made to feel welcome and treated as a family member by those who had provided me with the opportunity of visiting their homes and sharing their food.

What ever differences we perceive between peoples is purely because the are raised in different cultures. (Social Constructs) Let us remind ourselves that Chimpanzees, our closest cousins have 98% of our DNA. Sometimes it appears that we allow ourselves to let rage and our lower animal instincts overcome our rational mind and a hundred thousand years conscience is swept away in barbarism. I don’t care what you describe yourself as, where you live or what religion you practice, beneath the veneer that we cloak ourselves in were all are scared humans in search security that that we can never find.

Something I don’t understand, Is why our community has become so silent while been aware of the crimes our government allows and pays for Israel to commit against humanity. I guess many are scared have been frightened to speaking their minds.

ICH has is banned in many government buildings around the world and can only be read using a VPN. We have been banned on Twitter, Facebook and Google will not index the website in it’s news section etc, etc. A badge of honor. Some of those who receive our newsletter, report that links to article on our blog have been removed, making it impossible to read these items. This is often caused by ISP’s who put profit before everything else. They are acting to prevent factual information from reaching our subscribers. My email ( is no longer accessible. If you have sent me an email at that address in the last 48 hours, please resend to Don’t you understand that 1984 is here and our tongues have been cut out. If you just want entertain yourself rather than act according the principles you claim to have may I suggest that you unsubscribe from our newsletter/website. Just go away and stop the pretense of caring about humanity. We need people who are prepared to deal with criticism as a cost of standing up for justice and peace.

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Peace and joy to all of humanity .

Tom Feeley

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