Israel-Palestine war: How the collapse of western moral values is fuelling genocide

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Regrettably, most western European nations have aligned with an American-led imperialism that suppresses liberation movements and stifles global dissent
US President Joe Biden looks on during a meeting with Angolan President Joao Lourenco in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, on 30 November, 2023 (AFP)

There is a prevalent belief in the dominance of western civilisation, predominantly materialistic in its composition, despite its contradictory stance toward Islam. This western civilisation emphasises material wealth over spirituality and morals, often driven by the ambition to assert hegemony and control over both people and their economic and natural resources.

This has shaped an imperial system driven solely by the pursuit of power, surpassing moral and ethical considerations. The values it embodies disregard international norms and legal boundaries, operating under a principle that seemingly allows any means to achieve its objectives.

Today, the new world order is epitomised by a barbaric regime that transcends all human norms and conventions to achieve absolute control over people’s capabilities. It imposes apartheid-like laws and fosters a view of non-white-Anglo-Saxons as inferior, aiming to humiliate them.

Regrettably, most western European nations align with this American-led imperialism, which tramples human values, suppresses all liberation movements, and stifles global dissent.

A large gap exists between governments and peoples who oppose this hegemony, which is symbolised by multinational corporations, the military-industrial complex, targeted media, Zionist lobbies and similar entities. Free societies comprehend the nature of this system and its goals, yet they struggle to confront it directly, lacking the courage to resist and safeguard the natural and economic capabilities of the oppressed.

The relentless brutality of this racist regime stems from its bankruptcy of values, the complete dissolution of moral systems, and the erosion of beliefs. It exhibits an unfettered approach towards any culture or civilisation opposing its dominance, resorting primarily to forceful measures.

Amid these arrogant policies, the western world appears stagnant, surrendering to the law of the jungle, devoid of any glimmer of hope for meaningful opposition. Freedom of speech is suppressed, and criticism is muffled.

Strategic ally

The dominant political forces in western regimes implement repressive policies without accountability or oversight, while intellectual or military challenges against this global dominance are notably absent.

Within this intricate international structure, with its economic, political and military might, we witness the Palestinian people enduring massacres perpetrated by the Zionist comprador regime, bolstered by the latest military technology, and with boundless economic and political support.

Anyone who believes that Tel Aviv dominates American decision-making is wrong. On the contrary, Israel historically enjoyed European support and is presently under US leadership, which in turn uses Israel as a strategic ally in the Middle East to pursue its security, economic and political interests.

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Today, the struggle isn’t solely against the Zionist occupier, but involves the world’s most powerful nations, led by the US. It is crucial to approach this conflict rationally, avoiding premature conclusions about victory, as facing its dire consequences can be disheartening. Understanding that natural and human laws are in a state of flux is key within the realms of development and change.

One cannot ignore the clear fact that there is a vicious disconnect between the Arab intellectual and political discourse. This raises a crucial question: where is the Arab awakening envisioned by George Antonius in the 1930s, emphasising an intellectual and political renaissance?

A definitive stance from the US and Europe supporting the two-state solution, along with a well-outlined roadmap for its implementation, is crucial

The absence of this awakening on the ground results in a fragmented civil society incapable of producing progressive ideas to foster better societies under such predicaments. One of the striking ironies of fate lies in the financial wealth of Arab and Islamic states, contrasted with their consumerist nature and complete dependence on western goods.

The investments of these countries primarily lie in the West rather than within the Arab world, leading to economic, political and intellectual dependency. Consequently, they fail to use oil revenues in production for the benefit of their peoples, lacking a guiding direction for sustainable development and remaining subservient to western dominance.

In light of the objective developments in this new world order, there is blatant support for the Israeli occupation, oppressing a defenceless population whose only “crime” is their quest for self-determination and the right of return. It has become evident that the ongoing war on Gaza is aimed at undermining the Palestinian cause under the pretext of eliminating Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organisation in the UK and other countries.

This conflict seeks to annex the occupied West Bank, isolate northern Gaza to serve as a buffer zone for Israel’s security, seize and then develop a multibillion-dollar offshore natural gas field in Gaza, and take the “Ben Gurion Canal Project” through Gaza, instead of building it around the territory. This canal would connect the Gulf of Aqaba to the Mediterranean Sea, rivalling the Suez Canal that runs through Egypt.

Two-state solution

Under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government, there is no recognition of the two-state solution, the Oslo Accords or agreements with the Palestinian leadership. His government’s agenda has become clear: annexation and displacement to end the Palestinian issue.

In light of this heinous crime against the Palestinian people, we expect a shift in Europe’s stance, urging support for Palestinian demands for an immediate ceasefire and the revival of international agreements within the framework of the two-state solution. The impressive demonstrations across European capitals are effectively pressuring their governments to reconsider their positions and bear responsibility for Israel’s crimes.

The magnitude of these protests will inevitably influence the outcomes of upcoming elections in the West. Our Palestinian leaderships must pragmatically acknowledge this difficult reality and adhere to the basic principles of national aspirations. We do not want to speculate about future scenarios or slip into guessing as to the repercussions of this genocide. There is no viable alternative to a two-state solution, supported by both American and European endorsement.

Israel-Palestine war: Will the West choose genocide or peace?

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The Israeli position is clear: one apartheid state and complete subordination to its racist regime. The triumvirate of Netanyahu and far-right ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir, along with their extremist government, fundamentally opposes the notion of a two-state solution, leaning instead towards annexation and displacement.

A definitive stance from the US and Europe supporting the two-state solution, along with a well-outlined roadmap for its implementation, is crucial. Equally important is fostering a consensus among the Palestinian leadership and the people in accepting the two-state solution.

The struggle that has gone on for 75 years must materialise into the establishment of a unified Palestinian state, rejecting any possibility of its fragmentation, regardless of the cost. The unyielding resilience and heroism displayed by our people have been pivotal in this regard.

Western civilisation is in the midst of a collapse in its structure, ideologies and moral framework, which has become explicit in its failure to lead the modern world. There must be a profound and dynamic shift towards a civilisation that accommodates inclusivity based on equitable justice, fundamental human values and free democratic principles.

History is not written by the victor; rather, it is inscribed by the people through their revolutions and achievements. This future vision is inevitable, as exemplified by British historian Arnold Toynbee, who observed that civilisations are subject to collapse and that history has a clear inevitability in the process of development and the reconciling of major contradictions.

Undeniably, the international community is increasingly acknowledging the prospect and practicality of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, particularly in the aftermath of the devastating events of destruction, displacement and loss of life among defenceless Palestinians in Gaza.

The sacrifices made are significant and heart-wrenching, emblematic of a people standing up against a brutal occupation.

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