Israeli Government is ‘Breaking Apart’ – Turkiye’s Erdogan

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Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan. (Photo: Kremlin, via Wikimedia Commons)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is balancing on the verge of collapse, and that could actualize very soon, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.

“Israeli Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu is on the brink of collapse or bankruptcy right now. And he may make such an announcement at any moment,” Anadolu news agency quoted the Turkish president as saying upon returning from Qatar. 

“And then there is the West which connives with the wrongdoings of both Netanyahu and his administration. Fortunately, the West has largely reconsidered its view of Israel since October 7,” Erdogan told Turkish journalists.

Erdogan described the ruling coalition in Israel as unhealthy. 

“This coalition is breaking apart. Don’t think that they are strong, they will quit. We already said 50 to 60 days ago that Netanyahu is going away,” the Turkish leader said. 

“Now, certain people emerge who are telling Israel: ‘We are tired of feeding you’,” he maintained. 

“Look at France that in the early days was making statements of support (for Israel). Now, French President (Emmanuel) Macron is making completely different statements,” the Turkish president said.

“Many other Western countries, too, are no longer making the statements of the kind they were making in the first days (of the war),” Erdogan noted as he urged patience before the world revisits its attitude toward Israel’s actions.

There have been clear signs of tension within Israel’s political landscape, including within the war cabinet.

On Tuesday, a meeting between the families of Israelis still being held in Gaza and the war cabinet “became ‘chaotic’ as arguments erupted over the best way to free the remaining hostages,” NBC News reported. 

Moreover, on Wednesday, Al-Jazeera reported that the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Security and Political Affairs, also known as the War Security Cabinet, has abruptly canceled its scheduled meeting. 

The session, which was set to take place on Wednesday night, was called off without any given reasons. 


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