The Axis of Evils and the Destruction of Gaza by Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

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The recent peak in war crimes

Yesterday on 17 October, Israeli Defence Force (IDF) hombed Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza and killed more than 500 people instantly. Most of the deaths are children and women. Israel is relentlessly bombing the people of Gaza for the last 11 days; the destruction of the hospital and killing more than 500 is indeed the peak of the Israeli war crimes. Israel has also destroyed a few other hospitals and more than 70 percent of the residential houses in Gaza. And the Israeli mission of destroying, killing and maiming Palestinians continues. The world leaders show their inaction. And the USA,  the EU, and the UK continue to support the Israeli bombing mission. The UN too keeps its silence. So there is no sign of a ceasefire. All peace proposals in the UN Security Councils met their deaths due to US veto.

Israel is planning to make a full ethnic cleansing of Gaza -as they did in most of the Israelised parts of Palestine in 1948. It is called nakba (great catastrophe) in Arab history. Israel is asking the people of Gaza to leave their homes in 24 hours. To drive them out, they are constantly bombing its defenceless people to terrorise them. Such terorism is the Israeli tool for ethnic cleansing since its inception in 1948. Israel thus proved to be an immoral force of illegal occupation of Palestine. The zionists have created an apartheid state only for the Jews and ask others to recognise it. The USA and its western allies have recognised that criminal state on day one. Whereas those who deny to recognise such an illegal creation on an usurped land are called anti-semetic and supporters of terrorism.   


 The US leads the axis of evil

 The US exposes its position, too. Today (18/10/2023), the US President Joe Biden arrived at Tel Aviv to show the USA’s full solidarity with Israel. Prior to him, the US Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defence also visited Israel to show the same support. As if, Israel is separated from the US only geographically but not politically and ideologically.

In the press conference in Tel Aviv, President Joe Biden told a blatant lie. He claimed that he has seen that the bombing on the Gaza hospital on 17 October is done by another party and not by Israel. He didn’t mention who the other party was. He looked meek to tell the lie manufactured by the Israeli authority. His implied indication is that: the bombing on the Gaza hospital was done by the Palestinians themselves. It looks ridiculous. He told a lie only to hide the crime of Israel. In the name of giving licence to Israel’s defence, the USA indeed gives licence to commit the war crimes. Now gives full support to those war criminals. In the press conference, President Biden didn’t express a single word of condolence for the Palestinian deaths. As if they are not human. 

Before telling such a big lie, President Biden should have checked the US radder that are active in the area. Then he could have easily discovered that the huge missile hitting the hospital was fired from an Israeli bomber supplied by the USA. But liars do not bother to check the facts. They deliberately manufacture lies to serve their political agenda. This is why President Biden intentionally swallowed the Israeli narratives. Supporting such war crimes is a pure complicity in war crimes.

THe IDF (Israeli Defence Force) is propagetting that the Gaza hospital was hit by a misfired rocket fired by Islami Jihad. Such a claim exposes Israeli leaders as perpetual liars. An IDF sniper killed Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Aqleh more than a year ago while she was doing her professional work. Initially the IDF denied killing her. Later on, the IDF accepted that some of the snippers might have killed her. But the IDF refused to do the investigation. Israel signed the Oslo agreement that gave a promise of a Palestinian state in the occupied land. But that proved to be a clear lie, too. Israel signed the treaty only to bluff the Palestinians and the international community. Now the Oslo agreement is clinically dead.  

Even a man of average IQ can discern IDS’s propaganda as a big lie. To destroy a big hospital like Ahli Arab and its 500 people, it needs a missile of huge size. Till now, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired thousands of missiles to Israel. These are not large enough to destroy a hospital. Those missiles couldn’t destroy even a house totally, let alone a big hospital. And, none of those missiles backfired to kill even a single man or woman in Gaza before. So, destruction of a hospital by backfired missiles of Islamic Jihad is unthinkable. But liars can manufacture a lot of unthinkables. Moreover, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fight to protect the people of Gaza and never to kill their own people. And, it is prohibited in Islam. Hence, only an incurable liar can believe that the destruction of Gaza hospital and the massacre of 500 people are the work of the Islamic Jihad organisation. It is a deliberate attempt to shift the burden of war crimes of Israel onto the resistance fighters of Gaza. In fact, President Biden made such an attempt.


The Zionists: the war criminals

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is constantly equating Hamas with ISIS. But President Joe Biden went one step farther. Today, in the press conference at Tel Aviv, he said that ISIS looks more rational than Hamas. President Biden looks more zionist than an Israeli zionist. Moreover, in a previous announcement, he exposed his own identity. President Biden said in a video, “If there wasn’t any Israel, we would have to invent an Israel to protect the US interest in the region.” He also said in the same speech, if there wasn’t any Israel then the US had to deploy so many troops to fight so many wars in the Middle East. So, Israel looks like an US garrison state to fight for the US interest.   

The US destroyed ISIS, now supports Israel to destroy Hamas. So destroying Hamas is their joint agenda. This has an implied political message for those fighting against the enemy occupation in their own land. Whichever organisation stands against an enemy occupation in any Muslim land, is labelled by these war criminals as ISIS cum terrorist. So, Taliban fighters in Afghanistan are labelled as ISIS. Those who fight against the French presence in Africa are also labelled as ISIS. Likewise, those who fight against the Indian occupation in Kashmir are labelled as ISIS, too. Even those who fight against the home-grown enemies of Islam in Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh are labelled as ISIS.

In the same press conference in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Israel is the force of civilization and it is fighting against the forces of evil. As if, occupying foreign land, ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people, bombing hospitals and homes, killing civilians are civilizational acts. And fighting foreign occupation is an act of barbarity and evil.


The US signal to war crimes

What Israel is committing in occupied Palestine are pure war crimes. Now the destroyed Gaza with its destroyed homes, bombed hospitals, dead and maimed population is a showcase of Israeli war crimes on the earth. Those who are morally depleted can only support such worst evil. By supporting Israel, the USA and its allies indeed expose their own moral crisis. Indeed, being in the forefront of the supporters of Israel, the USA leads the axis of evil in international politics.

Israel has dropped more than 6000 bombs on Gaza Strip. Gaza Strip is a small land of 141 square miles (365 square miles); 25 miles long and 7.5 mile wide in its widest part. Even in no World War, such a small piece of land was bombed so massively. This is not a lesser evil. But yet, Israel hasn’t stopped its crime. The US gives green signal to go further. So, in the press conference, US President Biden didn’t talk about a ceasefire. Because, any ceasefire will prevent Israel from further bombing.

Now, there is no doubt that if Israel drops a nuclear bomb on Gaza Strip or any other Muslim land, the USA will be very quick to support that. Because, the US leaders have proven to be morally sick. They were morally sick while they dropped nuclear bombs on Japanese cities. Now they prove to be morally sick, too, by supporting the Israeli war crimes. The US leaders are morally blinded by their deep love for Israel and its atrocities. Such morally blind people can’t differentiate between the right and the wrong. So they can’t see the Israeli crimes. In fact, President Biden and his team members exposed their moral death by failing to condemn even the most heinous crimes like bombing a hospital that killed 500 people. However, US history is full of such criminal acts; killing innocent people is part of the US military culture. Its Army has been a long practitioner of such war crimes in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many other parts of the world. The US Air Force bombed even the funeral and the wedding gatherings in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now Israel follows perfectly the US footsteps; hence, enjoy full support and appreciation from the USA.   


The issue of Palestine is now globalised

By committing huge war crimes, Israel has now globalised the issue of Palestine. What Palestines couldn’t do in decades, Israel has done in a week. The world is now ideologically and morally polarised. On one side, stands the axis of evil led by the USA. It has aligned with the Israeli war criminals. They call freedom fighters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorists. On the other side, stand the people who hate bombing civilians, destruction of homes, ethnic cleansing of natives and starving people to death by cutting supplies of food, water and electricity. They love Hamas for their heroic fighting spirit against the foreign occupation. In the city of Amman, a huge rally of protesters were seen to raise slogans like “we are all Hamas” and “we are all Qasemians”. The word Qasemian relates to Al-Qasam brigade -the military wing of Hamas.

The double standard of the US-led western powers are also fully exposed. Now they stand morally naked in front of the international communities. Supporting a crime itself is a ugly crime. So they proved to be criminals when they stood with the Israeli war criminals. They beat their chest for the victims of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. But they stay numb and dumb on the Israeli atrocities. They sent aid to Ukraine but stopped aid to Gaza. An injured boy of Ukraine becomes a poster boy in the western media; but they black out the horrendous killing of thousands of Palestinians by the IDF. Fighting for freedom eulogised for the Ukrainians, but such fighting is condemned as terrorism for the Palestinians.


The great success of Hamas.

Now ideological polarisation and alignment with the cause of Hamas is running high throughout the Muslim World. These are revealed through huge protest rallies in the streets of Amman, Lebanon, Baghdad, Sana, Istanbul, Karachi, Dhaka, Kolkata, New York, Washington, Chicago, London, Paris and many other cities in the world. So, Israel may still continue to forcefully occupy the land of Palestine, but the Muslims’ minds all over the world are getting more rapidly liberated from the west-led flood of falsehood. Even many Jews are coming to the streets and appearing in the social media to condemn Israeli war crimes.

So, Israel now finds friends only among the people who feed on their old legacy of racism, imperialism, colonialism, colonial occupation and Islamophobia. The peace-loving civilised people are not with them. So the war in Gaza will change not only the map of Palestine, but also will change the geopolitics of the Middle East. An ideological war thus works not only in the battle fields but also in the mind of the people. For that, Hamas can claim great success. 18/10/2023      

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