The Display of Pure Evil by Israel & the Partners in Evil by Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

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Israel’s illegal creation and the culture of crimes

What happened in the last three days in occupied Palestine, didn’t come out of the blue. Israel was fomenting such a volcanic explosion during its 75 years of illegal brutal occupation of Palestine. Israel was not on the map before 1948; it is an illegal entity by its own birth. And, it sustains its unlawful existence only by its military might gained by the US support. It derived its recognition only from the morally depleted imperialist stakeholders of the UN and not from the real owner of the land. As per international civil law, even the UN doesn’t possess the mandate to donate one man’s land to another without the owner’s consent. The UN committed a heinous crime by recognising Israel on the usurped land of the Palestinians. The imported Zionists now captivate the owners. What could be the worst robbery than this! It is pure Jewish colonialism.

Before the British occupation, the Jewish population in Palestine was less than 5 percent. But the Zionists and their British colonialist sponsors planned to build a settlers’ colony state for the Jews there. It is now called Israel. The British colonial rulers engineered a demographic change to create necessary ground realities for the division of Palestine and to give the largest chunk to the Zionists. From day one of the Zionist project, importing Jews from all over the world started on a massive scale. To create space for the imported Jews, the Jewish terrorist organisations started their terrorising campaign to killI and evict the Palestinians from their houses. The British rulers allowed such Jewish terrorism to go unabated.  

When Israel was created in 1948, such planned eviction became its state policy. And a massive eviction was executed by the Jewish terrorist organisations in 1948. It is called nakba (great catastrophe) in the history of Palestine. In that fateful year, about 700,000 Palistinians were expelled out of Palestine and more than 500 villages were destroyed. For 75 years, the evicted Palestinians have been living in the refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. They are not allowed to return back to their own ancestral homes. Israel made laws to prevent their return. Those who are inside Israel, they aren’t allowed to protest against such pure evil.

However, in such criminal acts of the British colonialists, the secular and tribal Muslims of the Middle East are also to be blamed. More than a million of Arab Muslims joined the British Army to fight against the empire of the Osmania caliph. More than 200,000 Indian Muslims also joined the British campaign against the caliph. When the British Army led by General Allenby conquered Palestine, most of his soldiers were non-British.


The emblem of pure evil

Israel stands as an unique emblem of pure evil on the earth. Those who recognise Israel and support its policy are also complicit in evil. It is indeed a huge crime against humanity. Such an act of crime has generated a culture of crime in Israel. Hence, bulldozing houses to the ground, grabbing lands, evicting the owners from their homes, killing men, women and children and jailing the unarmed protesters have become the part and parcel of the Israeli ideology, culture, values and politics. Now they are displaying such a culture of crime in Gaza by indiscriminate bombing on civilian population. In such a milieu of ugly crimes, the USA and its partners are not innocent either. These economic and political sponsors of Israel expose their own moral death by failing to condemn such crimes. 

The Zionist Jews dream for a greater Israel. Hence, the policy of importing  the Jewish population from the outside world continues. And to accommodate them, the policy of grabbing more land from the Palestinians also continues. So, hundreds of new settlement colonies are being built continuously in the West Bank areas outside the border of 1948’s Israel. They have annexed the Golan heights, East Jerusalem and now plans to annex Gaza,too. So the policy of forcefully expelling the people of Gaza gets into execution. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already asked the people of Gaza to leave the land.  


Hamas displayed miracle

The Zionist regime of Israel could grab land, destroy houses and kill people but couldn’t kill the fighting spirit of the Palestinians. Rather, has inspired the Islamic fighters to make military innovations. In fact, what Hamas did on 7 October is a miracle. Both the West Bank and Gaza strip are literally open air prisons. About 365 square miles of Gaza is surrounded by Israel on three fronts: the East, the North and the West. On its southern border is Egypt. The Israeli-Gaza border is the most fortified border in the world. It is all-time under Israeli surveillance. Even a bird and animal crossing the border can’t escape its sight.


Gaza is literally barred from the outside world. It has no sea or air port. Whatever enters into Gaza is under close Israeli monitoring. Even Rafah border-crossing with Egypt is under close scrutiny. The supplies of water, electricity and fuel come only from Israel. Hamas has no cantonment to train its fighters. It has no access to arm suppliers. Every hushold, every homestead premise and every empty space in Gaza is under Israeli surveillance. Even every movement of a human on a street is under their watch. Despite all these restrictions, Hamas did a miracle. What Hamas did on the seventh of September, no army in the world did that before. Hamas fighters entered deep inside Israel. Thus, Hamas showed huge genius in military innovation.


There is no doubt that in military academies all over the world, the war tactics of Hamas would be the part of essential course materials. It will be taken by the liberation armies in the world as a model of offence against a mighty occupying power. In countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt the model of Hamas will generate new thoughts on developing alternative armies. In these countries  billions of dollars are annually spent to raise white elephants of the traditional elite armies. These white elephants of the Army showed their skills only in occupying their own country and imprisoning their own people. They also showed their skills to capture lucrative lands to build their own colonies. They are indeed the internal colonialists. And these traditional armies failed grotesquely to defend their own country. The Pakistan Army repeatedly showed its failures in its wars against India in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999. The Armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan also showed their utter failures in wars in 1967 and 1973 against Israel.


Unfortunately, Palestine is not the only Muslim country under the enemy occupation. These enemies may be internal or external. The counthe like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, Sudan are also under the occupation of the internal enemies like the military and political fascists. Like Palestinians, the people of these countries too do not enjoy any democratic rights. Like Palestnians, thousands of people of these countries are also put behind bars. The people of these countries have a lot of things to learn from Hamas. Liberty, freedom and human rights are never free of cost. People need to pay a heavy price for that. In fact, Hamas is paying the price. Those who do not pay the price, they live with the shackles of slavery in their neck. People have a choice. They can live either with liberty or with slavery. The fighters of Hamas made a choice. They are fighting for their liberty even in a dismal situation. But the people in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, Sudan show little courage to take that path of liberty and dignity. They have silently surrendered to the brutal autocrats. So the rule of the corrupt autocrats gets a long life in these countries.  


Hubris to humiliation

Israel is known as the strongest military power in the Middle East for its highly advanced military weapons. It has the most advanced fighter planes given by the USA. It has more than 200 nuclear warheads. The US gave its high-tech Iron Dome anti-missile technology to protect Israel from incoming missiles. Its military officers get training in the best military academies of the USA. As a result, Israel has a huge hubris that it is invincible. Countries like India feel privileged to buy weapons from Israel. Despite all these, Hamas fighters could invade deep inside Israel and capture more than 100. Many senior Army officers are among the captives. Thus Hamas has  their hubris to grotesque humiliation. 

The Israeli leaders are now finding huge difficulties to swallow such humiliation led by the hands of a few thousand Hamas fighters. It is the beginning of Israel’s decline. Israel has spectacularly shown its vulnerability. The success of Hamas has generated a new geopolitics in the Middle East. Till now, the Israeli leaders were busy making friendship only with Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Morocco and ignored being compatible and friendly with the original people of Palestine. Such diplomacy has badly backfired. Normalisation of relation with Israel now stands dead. After a long time, the Muslim Ummah -especially the Arab Muslims found something to celebrate. It has generated a new hope, a new confidence and a new desperation among the Islamists all over the Muslim World.


 The Western leaders’ moral death

The western leaders continue to show their moral death. This is indeed their old legacy. For centuries, the western countries proved to be the fertile land for giving birth to toxic ideologies like racism, racial cleansing, colonialism, imperialism, fascism, nazism  and capitalism. They could also give birth to colonial wars, cold war and could kill 75 million people in two World Wars. Such a disease of moral depletion shows little sign of recovery. This is why the western countries like the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy blindly support and sponsor the genocidal apartheid regime of Israel.

The US President Joe Biden now looks like an ugly showcase of his heavy moral depletion.The US legacy of dropping nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities and killing millions of people in Vietnam, Afghan, Iraq and Syria looks still alive in him. So he feels it his duty to support his ideological, political and cultural cousins in Israel. In his recent speech in the White House, the President Joe Biden outpoured the same poisonous venom against Hamas as are outpoured by the warmonger Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other extremist Zionist leaders. The Republicans and the Democrats of the USA are competing with each other to show their total solidarity with Israel. Now there exists little difference between the far-right extremist Israeli leaders and the US politicians. 

What Israel is committing in Gaza is not surgical strike, rather total massacre. It is pure genocide. They are dropping bombs on residential homes and the population. Blocks after blocks and houses after houses are razed to the ground. Supplies of foods, water, electricity, medicine are totally blocked. Al-Jazeera English TV reported on 11/10/2023 that more than 60 percent of houses in Gaza are destroyed. Mosques, and schools are also bombed. Even people of Gaza are not given a safe corridor to escape bombing. As if the whole 2.2 million people of Gaza are Hamas members. It is sheer nonsense that the Israeli leaders call such genocidal massacre as their self-defensive right.   

Such Israeli crimes are a gross violation of international law. But awfully, the western powers firmly stand behind such utter violation. Instead of condemning it, they are condoning it. On the other hand, the European Union is punishing Palestinians by stopping the delivery of the promised aids. Any protest against these Israeli atrocities is labeled by these western government as terrorism and antisemitic.


Israel’s ultimate fate and the new hope for the Palestinians

Now it is clear that Hamas has hugely learned how to fight effectively against an evil occupying power like Israel. Hamas is not alone in their fight. It enjoys huge support both inside and outside Palestine. Hamas has shown lights in the long tunnel of subjugation and darkness. So, there is a new hope for Palestinians. President Mahmud Abbas, his al-Fat’ha Party, and the PLO have shown their failures. As a result, they stand not only marginalized but also face a political death.

The geopolitics of the Middle East is now on a rapid move to change. The fate that the USA met in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Iraq, Israel is to face the same fate in Palestine. Israel is not stronger than the USA and Soviet Union. The Zionist leaders of Israel can’t alter the natural course of history. Colonialism, fascism and apartheidism can’t live long in a civilised world. Israel with these vitriolic ideologies has shown its total incompatibility with the neighbours. Such incompatibility indeed gives its death warrant.

During the last 75 years, Israel has proven its ability only to create enemies and has shown no skill to make friends. By birth, Israel is not a normal state; it was built only as a military outpost of the western imperialists. Hence it lacks the natural ingredients of a normal state that are essential for existence. This is why Israel is disqualified for normal survival. It is only surviving on intensive life-support given by the US and its western allies. The US alone donates more than 3 billion US dollars each year.

Israel can only occupy lands, destroy homes and kill people but can’t ensure its own security and survival.This time Hamas could fully expose its easy vulnerability. It couldn’t withstand even a few thousands of volunteer fighters. Now it appears that this illegal artificial state is pursuing a speedy route of its own destruction. 11/10/2023

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