Ceasefire in Israeli Bombing: But No Peace for the Palestinians By Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

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Israel: the imperialists’ watchdog

For global domination, the imperialists need a military presence all over the world. Otherwise, the World Power status doesn’t survive. Hence, the USA has established 800 military bases globally. Since the Middle East is the most oil-rich area in the world, the largest US military base is nowhere in the world but in the Middle East; and that is Israel. As a senator in 1988, Mr Joe Biden declared that if Israel did not exist, the USA would have been obliged to invent it as a means of defending its interests in the Middle East. He even criticised President George W. Bush for not doing enough to support Israel. The USA spends 4 billion dollars a year (about 11million dollars per day) to replenish the base with the most sophisticated weapons. It is indeed one of the strongest military bases in the world. Israel has also nuclear bombs –as the USA possesses it on its mainland. So there exists no disparity. This time, while the 11-day Israeli bombing was at its pick on Gaza, the USA gave Israel another fresh supply of weapons that worth 735 million dollars. In the 1973’s war, Israel faced some difficulty. The USA made a rapid disbursement of advanced weapons to Israel to help her win the war. Since its creation in 1948, it has been the key strategy of the USA to keep Israel undefeatable.

Initially, Israel was created by the British imperialists to serve their interest as a military watchdog in the Middle East. In November 1917, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour promised a homeland for the Jews. The British didn’t plan to give that Jewish homeland in their own land but in Palestine -the land that the British didn’t own. At that time, Jews were not facing any crisis in any part of the world. In those days, even in Europe, there was no persecution against the Jews. The difficult days for the Jews started much later -only after 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to the power in Germany. Hence the Jews didn’t need any such homeland anywhere. But the British had a need to create such land for their own cause. Therefore, the ruling British political elites needed to manufacture an agenda to bring the wealthy Jewish people on their side to help financially to win the First World War against the Germans.

The British wanted to implant a non-Muslim military outpost in the Muslim heartland to keep its imperialistic dominance. That too at the cost of the Muslims. In the past, the Crusaders failed to sustain their foothold in the Middle East. They were successfully driven out by the Muslim Army under the leadership of the great general Salah Uddin Ayubi. In the past, the Roman Empire failed to keep its foothold there too. The Muslim Army under the great general Khalid bin Walid could successfully drive them out. But this time the British devised a plan in collaboration with the Jews. Some Jewish fanatics in the higher echelons of international Jewish leadership and the Ashkenazi Jews of East Europe have become interested in the British project. The USA, France, Italy and Russia had full support for such a strategy for the occupation of the holy land of Palestine. After the departure of the British in 1948, the Americans entered the theatre. The plan to create a Jewish homeland now serves not only the Jewish cause but also the Western imperialists’ interest in the Middle East.


The British crime

In December 1917, the British occupied Palestine. But there was a problem to meet the British imperialistic agenda. The Jews were only 8 percent of the population in Palestine and 92 percent were Arab. Hence the British started with the military as well as socio-political and demographic engineering to increase the Jewish population along with reducing the Muslim population. During the occupation from 1917 till 1948, the British government opened the flood gate for the Jewish immigrants. The wealthy Jewish people financed the transportation of Jews from all over the world to Palestine. They gave money for the construction of their houses. On the other hand, the British colonial administration allowed underground Jewish terrorist organisations like Hagenah, Irgun, and Lehi to attack and terrorise the unarmed Arab population to drive them out of Palestine. This way they could increase the Jewish population from 8 percent in 1917 to 33 percent in 1947. In 1948, Israel was created with the argument that the Jewish population can’t co-exist with the native Arabs and need a separate state. So, Palestine was divided with a bigger size for the Jews. The major colonial powers like the UK, France and the USA influenced the UNO to recognise the illegitimate creation of Israel. Thus, the division of Palestine on ethnic identity was given legality.

Occupation of a foreign land is itself a crime. The British made another grave crime. Instead of returning the land of Palestine to its native people, the British handed it over to the Jews. So Israel is the legacy of double crimes of the British against the Palestinians. The British government does not feel any shame for that, rather they celebrate the crime –as they celebrate Balfour Day to glorify the historic crime done against the Palestinians. Since its creation, Israel is continuously expanding its geography; now the whole of Palestine stays under its occupation. Israel is now itself a colonial state. The USA and the UK are giving necessary weapons and political support to Israel to help sustain its war of occupation and geographical expansion.


Criminals defend the crimes!

A crime is always a crime. A thief never possesses the right to retain the stolen property. Along with facing the punishment, a thief must return back the stolen stuff to the real owner. The land the Jews occupy today didn’t own that in 1917. The Jews are the people who have robbed lands from the native Palestinians. In only one year in1948, about 750, 000 Palestinians were evicted from their homes and more than 500 Arab villages dismantled. Those who were forced to leave their homes were not allowed to return back, their lands were used to build the residential blocks for the Jewish immigrants. Hence, Israel doesn’t possess any moral right to defend the stolen land. Since Israel is the product of colonial crime, can never get any legality in the court of conscience. Rather, the Palestinians possess the right to fight for getting back their stolen lands. It doesn’t need to be a scholar to understand such a simple rule of morality. Israel can kill Palestinians and destroy their houses, but can’t kill their moral right. This indeed works as the formidable moral forces behind the liberation movement of the Palestinians.


Can peace co-exist with occupation?

Cessation in Israeli bombing –as announced recently doesn’t solve the problem. Ceasefire never ends the occupation, colonisation, discrimination and humiliation. The occupiers and the occupied never live side by side in peace. This is why so many ceasefires and peace deals failed in the last 70 years. Such a ceasefire only helps war to reappear with more ferocity. Peace never coexists with occupation. For meaningful peace, the Israeli occupation, discrimination and settlement colonisation must end completely. But such vital issues are not on the table for discussion; in fact, Israel stands fully incorrigible on these issues. Therefore there exist no chance for the Palestinians to get back the stolen land and live peacefully there.

In the past, horrendous crimes like genocide, ethnic cleansing, robbery, and massive exploitation were done by the European imperialists in weaker countries of Asia and Africa. Those criminals went unpunished. Israel also stays unpunished. The military might overrules all civility and morality; the rule of the jungle works here. Since Israel serves the interests of the USA and the EU, these Western powers give full immunity to Israel. Because of their support, Israel goes unpunished even after committing horrible atrocities. The Western countries never condemn any Israeli atrocity, let alone punishing. Since the Americans and the Europeans do not live under foreign occupation, can’t understand the tragedies of the Palestinians. So they fail to show empathy for them. So, they stay always biased in favour of the Israelis.

Israel can’t run any policy without the approval of the US administration. Whoever gives the money, runs the policy –such a rule works here. The USA finances not only Israel’s existence but also its occupational war. The USA and Israel are two states on two different continents but run the same policy. This is why it is very difficult to find any difference between the narratives of Israel and the USA. The USA President Joe Biden doesn’t call the Israeli occupiers as occupiers and the Israeli war criminals as war criminals. He always fulfil the Israeli wish. Since Israel didn’t want a ceasefire, the USA didn’t want it either. Israel wanted more time to kill more men, women and children, and flatten more buildings and infrastructures in Gaza. So, President Biden’s administration blocked UN Security Council statements demanding a ceasefire. Though he is an American by nationality but works as an Israeli in politics. This is why President Biden shows so perfect congruity with Israeli policy. Hence, how can he help bring peace to Palestine?

For the US President and the Israeli government, peace has a different connotation. It means Israel must have the unlimited right to evict Palestinians from their homes, destroy their homes, occupy their land, and build settlement colonies in occupied lands. And such an Israeli version of peace doesn’t give the Palestinians any right to protest against Israeli atrocity. For them, peace means the unconditional surrender of the Palestinians to Israeli ethnic supremacy. Any protest is labelled as terrorism. The USA-Israel axis didn’t keep such a narrative hidden from the public eye.


The only option

President Biden already promised quick replenishment of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defence system. It tells a lot about the USA policy. The man who doesn’t possess any moral fibre to call a robust war crime a crime will help bring peace! Only a full stupid believe that. It is a pity that Yasser Arafat believed that and signed the Oslo Treaty. He paid the price for his foolishness by giving the life under the Israeli seize.

If the USA shows its firm support, Israel has none to fear. The whole world can only show its spineless moral, and nothing else. And Israel has no doubt about the US support. So, they could dare invade the Al-Aqsa mosque on 27 Ramadan in presence of thousands of Muslims and could do massacre and massive destruction in Gaza. Because of US-induced audacity, Israel is now moving fast with its tested policy of occupation, ethnic cleansings, destruction of Palestinian houses and rapid settlement colonisation.

Israel now stands for the full and rapid Israelization of Palestine. There shouldn’t be an iota of doubt in that. The Palestinians may have some pauses in Israeli bombings –as got before, but peace looks far away from the horizon. The Palestinians have to pay more price for peace, dignity and liberty. Muslims never get peace, dignity and liberty from the kuffars as a gift. Victory comes only from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la (ma nasru illa min indillah). This is the fundamental belief in Islam. And jihad is the only route to bring down the promised Divine mercy. Israel also fears only jihad, not PLO or any other secular outfits. The Palestinians must make themselves morally and spiritually fit for getting such mercy from All-Powerful Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. There exists no other option. 23/05/2021.

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