Palestine is Fighting an Ideological War – She Will Rise, Israel Will Fall by Dr. Md. Afsar Ali

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A war on ideology wins – it’s a matter of time. Ideology is with the Palestine, unjust-bullying is with the Israel. Before delving into this analysis, let’s have a brief history of this internationally important Palestine-Israel conflict.


The land of Palestine is called: “The land which We (The Almighty) had blessed for all beings.” (Qur’an 21; Genesis 17, 28). The land of Palestine is the work-place and the resting place of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) and Moses (a.s.).

The second Caliph of Islam, Omar Faruk (r.a.) conquered Jerusalem in 638 AD from the tyrant Christians and permitted all Jews to return and live in peace there. It remained under Muslim rule till 1099 AD – at a stretch. In the first crusade (15th July, 1099), Godfrey de Bouillon captured Jerusalem from Muslims. Then, after a brief period of 88 years, on Oct. 2, 1187, Kurdish General Salahuddin Ayyubi rescued Jerusalem from tyranny. The Muslim rule, under Ayyubids and Mamluks continued there, till 1517 AD. Then, Jerusalem came under another Muslim governance, the Ottomans empire till 1917 AD. So, Palestine was under long and almost uninterrupted Muslim rule in historic time from 638 AD to 1917 AD.

Meanwhile, in 1897, some Jews started a fanatic movement called “Political Zionism” in Europe, which prescribes the establishment of a Zionist State for the Jews on the land of Palestine where there were 93% Arabs (88% Muslims) and merely 7% Jews. To be clear that Zionism is different from Judaism. The later is only a Semitic religion, but the former is an apartheid and fascist political supremacy over all.

After the defeat of the Turkish Muslim State in the 1st World War, the Great Britain occupied Palestine in 1917 and without wasting any time, immediately (Nov. 2, 1917), as per their hand-in-glove plan, the English Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour sent a letter to Lord Rothschild stating, “His Majesty’s government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine.”. This is known as the infamous, “Balfour Declaration”. Consequently, in 1947, the UN recommended giving away 56% of Palestine-land to the Jews State, despite the fact that this group represented only about 30% of the total population, and owned less than 7% of the land! As, this recommendation has never been approved by the Security Council, so, it was not a binding for its implementation. In spite of this, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish agency, during the first Arab-Jews war (May 14, 1948), proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel. In an unprecedented hurry! The U.S. President, Harry S. Truman recognized the illegal baby State on the same day! The Zionists committed at least 33 massacres and expelled over 7.5 lakh Palestinians from their own home and State!

In the background Egypt, Syria and Jordan formed ‘Palestine Liberation Organization’ (PLO) in May, 1964. They fought with the apartheid, colonial Zionist in 1967, in “Six Day War”, where Israel occupied the final 22% of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Later on, Palestinians, in Oslo Accord (1993), agreed to accept only 22% of Palestine and recognize Israel within the 1949 Armistice Line recognized internationally as the border, the ‘Green Line’ border. It also created the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). But, Israel imposed an unprecedented blockade on Gaza from 2007, following the Hamas’s victory in free and fair people’s mandate.

It is hopeful that the world slowly shows the signs of support to the just cause of Palestine against the Israeli colony. On 29 Nov., 2012, Palestine was granted Non-member Observer State status at UNO which was voted by 138 member States in favour and nine in against. Consequently, on 26 Sept., 2013, Mahmoud Abbas, President of the PNA, was officially recognized as the Head of State for the State of Palestine.

Palestine Today:

Palestinian refugees are the largest remaining refugee population in the world. 1.3 million Palestinians live in Israel as “Israeli citizens”, who are termed as “present absentees” – a second class citizen. Gaza, the largest open prison, where 1.5 million people are held under a “catastrophic condition”, as described by the UNO. Gaza Strip is today one of the most densely populated areas in the world, averaging 2,422 inhabitants per sq. km.! More than 70% population depends on humanitarian aids – but Israel has blocked donations here! Israel has abolished Palestinians’ capacity to have any personal property or wages in its brand of “democracy”! Due to bombardments, shelling and daily killing, 99.2% of the children there have been suffered of post-traumatic shock. 28th July, 2015, UNICEF released a statement titled “No safe place for children in Gaza”! The code words of “peace” and “security” to Israelis are in reality a call to end of Palestinian resistance to Zionist colonialism and genocide. In spite of all these atrocities, the people of Gaza are not protected by any international law!

Palestine through the Glasses of –

Israel: Israel which claims to be the “only democracy in the Middle East,” feels comfortable with no declared official borders and no written constitution, till date! Zionists’ view about Palestinians, was clearly stated by a Mayor of Tel Aviv, “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.” So, oppression is a mere tool towards the annihilation of Palestine’s innate spirit of emancipation.

America and European Union: They view Israel as its ‘first line of defense’ against a people (Muslims) that may ‘turn to them’ if the line is erased. The Christian world sees Muslim civilization in clash with them. And thus, as part of their crusade war against Muslims (in modern form – bombing on innocent Afghans and Iraqis), Zionist Israeli colony is being carefully nurtured in the heart of Islamic civilization – the Middle East in order to keep them busy in tackling this rascal child of the West put on Muslims’ shoulder. Thus, US give Israel the highest amount of donation, an average of $8 million per day, since its creation.

UNO: The theoretical guardian for the world’s justice and peace, this body has only dry sympathy for the oppressed Palestinians!

Other Countries and India: They are observing the situation carefully and trying to align with their comfortable side. Russia and China may play a big role against the rise of a Fascist Zionist Nuclear Power in Asia itself, particularly in the support and design of the West. Since the time of M.K. Gandhi, India consistently supported the Palestine’s just cause. But the present Hindutwa nationalist Govt. is trying to be favourably tilted with their ideological Zionist nationalist friend, Israel.

World People: It is a good omen that majority people in the world, particularly the young generation, see Israel as a threat to world peace. In 2013, the renowned academicians – Noam Chomsky, Stephen Hawking and more than 300 UK scholars declared an academic boycott of Israel on the issue of Palestine.

Muslim Govt’s: Except few (Turkey, Iran, etc.) majority of the Muslim Govt.s are not aware of the dangerous consequences of this Zionist colony breathing on their shoulder. Unfortunately, they are busy to save their monarchy by pleasing their Western lords!

Muslim People: The Muslims, in general, throughout the globe are much conscious as a part of their Iman to save Al-Aqsa, the first Qibla of Islam and the sacred soil of Palestine, the land of Prophets.

Philosophy behind Supporting the Zionist Israel, an Apartheid and Fascist group:

There are two dimensions of the philosophy guiding the U.S. and European Union to support all inhuman and illegal acts of the apartheid and fascist colony of the Zionist Israel. (i) Capitalist Imperialist Dimension:- To take control on the vast reserve of the fuel oil in the Middle East, Israel is needed as a Western colony in the heart of the oil-field. In fact, Israel is a piece of America in Middle East. (ii) Islam-phobic Dimension:- As stated above, Israel is the ‘first line of defense’ of the Western Christian world from their imagined crusade enemy, the Muslims.


On the Western World: Around 65 UN resolutions accuse Israel for violation of International Laws. This shows the internationally bullying and suppressive attitude of this nuclear Zionist Israel. Western World surely has to taste the burn from this fire! Israel, after setting its solid foundation in Palestine (with the help of America & EU), it will turn to other Arab countries, one after another to grab the oil and territories. The continuing disunity among the Arab rulers will provide golden opportunity for Zionist Colony. After that, the Zionist Israel will turn to be a real Frankenstein to its Western lords. It is to see how they tackle this demon?

On the Eastern Powers and Whole World: Israel’s military is the fourth most powerful on the earth which possesses hundreds of sophisticated nuclear weapons. The presence and strengthening of such deadly power with inhuman Zionist colonial mentality, in the vary neighbourhood, in Aisa is definitely a great threat to the peace and progress in the Eastern World particularly. China and Russia – the great Asian powers surely understand its dangerous consequences. Israel Shahak, a Jewish Professor, has clearly stated this danger as, “In my view, Israel as a Jewish State constitutes a danger not only to itself and its habitants but to all Jews and to all other peoples and states in the Middle East and beyond.”

The Need of the Hour:

In order to establish and sustain peace and progress on the earth, the following things must be done with top priority by the peace loving world-habitants:-

(i) The Muslim rulers must sense their coming danger from a nuclear power Zionist fascist colony, named Israel – as their neighbor; and get united for their own survival.

(ii) The peace and progress loving all countries need to demand in UNO to (a) stop expansion by the apartheid Zionists Israeli colony, without delay. (b) To accept the One State formula of the State of Palestine in her own historic land including the present day Israeli colony, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. All the Arab and non-Arab inhabitants of this land including those about 7.5 lakh who were driven out of their homes by Israel’s brutal aggressions will be the honoured citizen of this singular State under a humanitarian secular democratic constitution. (c) To scrap Veto Power from the UNO, as its the killer of democracy (USA misused its Veto power not less than 29 times in the UNO in order to shamelessly support the Israeli aggression and ethnic cleansing of innocent Palestinians). All non-veto countries, led by the Muslim countries, must demand, “Scrap Veto” or “We, Majority are Making Exit”. (d) The world Muslims should tell the Saudi Kings that if today Al-Aqsa, Muslims’ the first Qibla, is snatched, tomorrow the second one, can be – on which its economy depends heavily.


Israel’s power consolidation in the oil rich vast Middle East, and unilateral capture on the world power source by a Fascist force, in collaboration with the West, will disrupt the present power balance on the globe. The other world leaders need to make aware and / are getting aware about this coming danger. Peoples’ support towards Palestinians and Hamas throughout the world (even in the Israel’s ally and sympathizer countries) have increased squarely and is increasing day by day. After decades of occupation and years of persistent blockade, however, Israel failed to kill their spirit to resist, love for freedom, hope of a better future. Last but not the least, as Palestine is fighting an ideological war – so she will win and as Israel is bullying for mere material gain – it will loss. Truth dispels falsehood – the holy Qur’an proclaims.

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