A book on the forcible cremation of Muslim corona dead

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This book, compiled by veteran journalist Latheef Farook, is about Sri Lankan government indiscriminately cremating all Muslim corona dead in defiance of World Health Organisation, WHO, guidelines, dismissing our own local experts and the religious sentiments of Muslims.

According to local and international virologists, Covid-19 dead could either be buried or cremated and confirm that there is no possibility of the virus spreading.

Yet the Government obstinately continues to cremate Muslim corona dead without announcing the reason behind its decision. Several countries and organisations including the United Nations view the denial of the right to burial of the Muslim Covid 19 dead as violation of human rights and urged the Sri Lankan Government to permit burials but to no avail.



Compiler: Latheef Farook

This 224 page book seeks to highlight the injustice to the island’s Muslims by collating press statements, articles, opinion pieces and other material from international organisations, scientists, medical researchers and other leading professionals on the subject.

Web edition of the book was launched at Leicester, United Kingdom on 5/2/ 2021

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