Battle Won and Romance Rekindled | Capt Shibu Isaac

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A battle well fought is like a book well written.

The writer shares his experience as a soldier while fighting as part of the Indian peace keeping force that fought a battle with the tigers called the LTTE.

It was battle fought well by the Indian armed forces while it lost over 1200 soldiers over a period of 32 months.
It was soon forgotten by almost all who were involved including fighters & non fighters.

The writer goes into history and rekindles his memories & emotions writing about it in a fictional form,that will serve as a reminder to all those who were involved in the battle well fought but should never be well forgotten.
It will serve its readers a thought provoking material while giving them ideas to encourage themselves when caught in life’s battles one goes through with many moments of life having many unanswered questions.

The emotions that soldiers go through when in battle seeing instant death & those slowly dying enduring such pain that’s not easy to understand gives the soldier lessons for life.

The reader too will imbibe the qualities of such a soldier facing any trauma in life with life enriching values to live that life fearlessly & leave behind a legacy that would remain a Battle won & Romance Rekindled.
Happy reading to all soldiers of life and love.

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