Current problem country faces is to find answers to the crises by others – Eran Wickramaratne

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Current problem country faces is to find answers to the crises by others – Eran Wickramaratne

The current problem the country faces today is the rulers have no answers to the crises and others have to find the answers to the crises said SAJB Parliamentarian Eran  Wickramaratne briefing a press conference at the Office of the Leader of Opposition today (12)

Further speaking he said that

Experts have found a new word for the current crisis in the country called poly-crisis. The countries that have no solutions to the crises of bankrupt economy that could not repay huge amount of loan taken from all over the world. Along with this, the interest rate also increases and the price of food and energy due to the supply driven inflation caused unaffordable to the people are now called Poly- Crisis. Environmental changes are also taking place all over the world.   This is not limited to Sri Lanka. The unfortunate thing is that many countries have managed this crisis, but the Sri Lankan government has not been able to manage it because it does not have a proper management or action plan other than siphoning off the public resources.

Trying to create sustainability in times of crisis like this is the normal way of governance, but this government rules the country and manage the economy on hypothesis. It has been saying since September last year that a loan of 2.9 billion dollars is available with the International Monetary Fund. But still it has reached the agreed level.

Basically, the democratic framework of a country should be strengthened. If it is attacked, the people will make forces to jump out of it. It was reported that the Member of Parliament of Jaffna, who was said to have held protests when the President visited Jaffna on February 11, has been bailed today. These are unnecessary harassments against people caused by the Police depriving the people of their democratic rights. Elections must be held from time to time. It cannot be said that the people did not demand it. If it is mentioned in the constitution or other laws, it is an anti-democratic act to prevent the elections giving laymen excuses.

The answer to the country’s crises where no solutions found on the part of the Government is not only policies, but also a proper practical action plan,  having a good team is essential for that. The entire country has suffered a lot due to depending on individuals to lead the country. There were interested parties and organizations to promote such individuals praising and worshipping them during the last 40 years. Now the people have realized that one person cannot run a country.

A country’s problems are complex in nature, and a team with carried experiences and expertise  is needed to solve such problems. Not only in the country’s governance or politics, but also in business, different experts are used in different sectors. Can an uneducated person become a school teacher? The educated experts needed in all fields to solve the country’s complex problems are available only with the Samagi Jana Balaweya party.

Left parties in the country have been disrupting the provision of education opportunities. If you try to start a private university, it will be jeopardized at any cost. The government does not have enough resources to grant higher education to all. So invoking the help of private sector participation in providing higher education is inevitable.

Mr. Eran Wickramaratne emphasized that this country will never move forward without international relations, and urged the people to hand over the power of the country or village to a party that has a team with experience that can deal with the international community.





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