A Monarchy of Family Power

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The Basilaagamanaya or the New Rise of Basil Politics is having its immediate impact on the Rajapaksa Power Display.

Here is a clear warning to protest politics. Covid-19 is the new tool of Rajapaksa Power, with quarantine being the system of dominance. Leading trade unionists and student protesters are the showpieces of the new Basil Power in Sri Lankan politics.

Those who protested against the crisis facing paddy production, and against the Bill for new military dominance in the Kotelawala Defence University, are the symbols of the new Covid-19 power dominance of the Raja Vasala. Putting protesters into quarantine camps, and taking them there with the most foul and repulsive behaviour of the Police, is the new showpiece of Rajapaksa Power.

The protesters in one place who were taken to a courthouse and charged with violation of the quarantine rules, were given bail by the Court, and not remanded, The Magistrate also said the Court did not have the legal authority to order quarantine of the accused. When the bailed-out persons walked out of the Court, a different legal power was functioning, with the Police being the manipulators of Power vs Justice. The persons bailed out by a court of law, were immediately seized by the Police, in the most brutal and hardly civilized manner, pushed into vehicles and forcibly taken for quarantine. Covid – 19 has scored over the law and the principles of Justice.

What we have moved to is the Quarantine-Remand or QR stage of social disorder, which will be remembered as the system of shameful Police dominance, with the entry of Basil into the Rajapaksa Posse of Power.

The students and trade unionists who carried out a protest near the Parliament also faced the same situation. While the Remand Prisons are being emptied due to the problems of Covid-19 spread, the Police are now displaying the Quarantine as the new Remand Strategy of Law and Order in the country.

This is the new message sent out to the paddy farmers protesting against the lack of fertiliser, the fisherman who protest against the increased hardships in fishing, and possibly students who may protest against the absence of signals for distant learning, and the many more sections of society who would want to come out in protests against increased hardships and necessities in life.

This Quarantine – Remand Strategy is a move far away from Democracy that has been accepted as the system of governance in Sri Lanka. With the addition of a fifth Rajapaksa member – Gotabaya, Mahinda, Chamal, Namal and Basil – to the Cabinet of Sri Lanka, we have moved away from the ‘family-ocracy’ that some writers have been commenting about in recent months.

We have in fact come to a familarchy – a monarchic system where the family is totally dominant in the government, economic management and social organisation of the country. It is time to begin remembering our 2,000 plus years of history, where such family dominance has prevailed, and also learn more about how much of enmity prevailed over the successions of power and monarchic dominance.

This Basil included familarchy, where nothing of power goes out of the family, is making huge milestones in all aspects of governance. We have become the first country in the world to issue a special coin in our currency – Rs. 1000 – to mark and celebrate the 100th year of the Chinese Communist Party. What other countries celebrate the success of political parties even in friendly countries?

This familarchy will soon give us a show of what it has done to give a Rajavasala reward to Jayantha Ketagoda, who made the road clear for Basil’s entry to Parliament, beating all the other SLPP MPs who said they were ready to resign from their parliamentary seats. Will he be a diplomat in an important country that has turned down other nominees? What about a big place in the Central Bank, having so much to do about printing more money? Or, could it be a big post in SriLankan, where he could help add to the mounting losses, with a really huge salary, many vehicles, friendly secretaries, entertainment costs, and free flying power, too?

The swearing in of Basil Rajapaksa, as Minister of Finance, was clearly a very warm family affair at the President’s Office. One brother was President and the other was Prime Minister. The worshipful greetings were clearly seen. Next came the swearing in of Mahinda, who had lost or given up Finance, to be Minister of Economic Policies and Plan Implementation. Can his Economic Thinking move away from Basil’s Financial Thinking?

What stressed the prevalence of Rajapaksa power was the additional swearing in of the Rajapaksa nephew, Shasheendra, as the State Minister of everything, from fertiliser to onions and potatoes, and Advanced Technology for Agriculture. Organic Fertiliser Production.

What is the situation of Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage? Anything more of the Rajapaksa dominance that is sweeping away all other political players of today?

There is certainly another nephew, although without a Rajapaksa surname, who is entitled to more stuff and authority. There will be several nieces to follow, too. Let;s wait and see,

It is also important to wait and see how Basil Rajapaksa’s entry to the Rajapaksa Familarchy will show the importance of governance and economic thinking of the USA, of which too he is a citizen. Will we see a new China – America friendship via Sri Lanka, or will the dominance of China prevail in the policies of Sri Lanka?

The Rajapaksa Familarchy are certainly the rulers of this Monarchy of Power that Sri Lanka has been taken into.

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