Apples and doctors by S. H. MOULANA

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Once at a party, in Riyadh, a very close engineer friend of mine (late Yaseen Marikkar) who, in fact, helped to recruit hundreds of his workmates who were with him when he was attached to a British firm in Colombo. He was married to a doctor (late Doctor Nafeesa Marikkar) and told those present that the English proverb ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ does not work with everybody and in his case even if he were to take two apples a day he cannot keep this doctor away — pointing at his wife, who is a doctor.

There was loud laughter! However, according to studies, it should work, at least with some. Although there is another apple-related saying that I am quoting here, with utmost reluctance, since it is a little harsh on the doctors, most of whom dedicate their life to serve humanity. It goes as follows: “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” We admit that in every profession there are bad apples, too, so the medical profession is no exception.

Apple contains Vitamin C, which helps our immune system in our body. It also prevents heart diseases and cancers. It contains phenols, which reduces bad cholesterol, and it prevents tooth decay and infection that damages the structure of teeth and thus paves the way for a new saying, “An apple a day also keeps the dentist away.”

Survey has revealed, apples protect against brain diseases and, most importantly, of all other fruits, it tastes great! Apple is an affordable fruit in many parts of the world although it is not the same in most of the Third World Countries, where this ‘little doctor’ is scarce and expensive.

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