Israel celebrated its independence this week. The question is from whom they got independence By Latheef Farook.

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Israel celebrated its independence this week. The question is from whom they got independence?

The truth is the borderless   Israel was created in Palestine for migrant Jews brought in from Europe and other places after driving native Palestinians from their lands and homes. Israel repeatedly committed massacres to drive out Palestinians, grab their lands where Israel was established.

Thus Israelis remain the god fathers of terrorism though they used their western media to project their victims Palestinians as terrorists. Here is the truth which Israel doesn’t want the world to know.

At the turn of the last century Palestine, now turned into Israel, was part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. About 95 percent of the population in 1896 were Arabs who owned ninety percent of the land. It was such a peaceful place that there was hardly anyone spoke loud and using a dirty was unheard of.

In 1897, the first World Zionist Congress in the Swiss city of Basle decided to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Ten years later in 1907 Britain decided at the London Colonial Conference to establish a hostile power which would keep the Middle East in turmoil as proved today.

The two jointly manipulated and brought down the Ottoman Empire during World War 1 .As planned, Palestine was brought under British Mandatory Authority in 1917 paving the way for Jewish migration especially from Russia to settle in Palestinian lands.

As expected unarmed Palestinians, unaware of the British and Zionist Jewish conspiracies,   resisted. Migrant Jews responded by forming terrorist brigades such as   Hagana, Stern,    Irgun and Zvai Leumi, led by Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon, godfathers of terrorism who later became prime ministers of Israel, and started killing Palestinians village after village.


Designed to destroy the Palestinian resistance,  Menachem Begin went on a murderous rampage and  butchered hundreds of innocent Palestinian men, women and children –   254 in Deir Yassin alone -a village a few miles off Jerusalem. The Deir Yassin massacre has been one of the most barbarous crimes ever committed against humanity and could be coupled with the infamous “My Lai massacre in Vietnam”.

The helpless Palestinians rose up in protest and the British authority cruelly crushed the uprising.  When the uprising proved alarming, the British turned to its well cultivated loyal royal Arab stooges – tribal and military dictators.

Frightened Palestinians ran for their lives and ended up in refugee camps in neighbouring countries where they still languish in appalling conditions. Once sufficient numbers of Jews were brought in, the Zionists   manoeuvred UN to partition Palestine.

On November 29 1947, the United Nations, blackmailed by US President Truman, passed a resolution partitioning Palestine offering migrant Jews an entity.  In the proposed Jewish state too the Arabs had a majority as; of    the total population of 1,008,900 the Arab-Jew ratio was 509,780 to 499,020.

Emboldened by the Partition Resolution, the Zionists committed a series of reprehensible massacres against the Palestinian Arabs. The US supplied the Zionist terror gangs with weapons then as they do now. Since then  Israel has committed more than 60 massacres.

In the midst of Zionist carnage   the state of Israel was proclaimed on 14 May 1948, over a much larger part of the country than that was allotted to Zionists by the UN Partition Resolution. It was the upshot of inhuman force, created in violation of the principles of the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the very resolution under which the Israelis now claim sovereignty. Fifteen minutes after the proclamation of the Zionist state, recognition came from the White House   followed by Kremlin both of whom, played very crucial role in the creation of this entity.

Since then Israel turned the Middle East into a killing field with its repeated massacres and invasions. In 1956 Israel   invaded Egypt with Britain and France .In 1967 Israel invaded and captured Sinai and Gaza South Lebanon, West Bank and East Jerusalem and Golan Heights. All in cooperation with it’s US and European supporters.

Aggression, massacres and lawlessness have been ongoing program and thus the history of Israel has become history of crimes, conspiracies, bloodshed, murders, appalling massacres and lawlessness.

Today Jews from any part of the world could settle down in the occupied Palestinian lands whereas the Palestinians still holding the keys to their houses and title deeds for the lands were not permitted to return. Israel, the only country without a permanent border, is also the only entity in known history which repeatedly elects mass murderers and war criminals as prime ministers.

Almost a century after they started arriving and 73 years after establishing their state   the world changed but Zionist Jews remain unchanged.

They continue to kill    Palestinians with impunity ,grab  Palestinian lands for settling migrant Jews  , establish  exclusive Jewish settlements in Palestinian lands with American tax payers’ money ,demolishing Palestinian homes, destroying their farm lands and deprive them of their livelihood, imprison and    torture  of Palestinians , impose  economic blockade on Gaza along with Egypt throttling  more than 1.5 million  Palestinians there  and the crime list continues  .

In the mid 1970s Zionism was declared by the UN as a form of racism.

Over the years today Israel, the most condemned country by the United Nations with more than 120 UN resolutions, has become the sole source of instability threatening   the region and the   world.

The UN remains ineffective in the face of Zionist crimes due to US, UK, French, European and Russian   support.

Palestinians have no one to turn to.   They are demonised as terrorists by the very same Zionist Jews who introduced terrorism to Middle East and the world.

This very same Israel has been trying  its best to enter Sri Lanka  since  early 1950s.However every time they managed to enter they were expelled by the successive governments.

Yet they used to observe in secret their so called Independence Day celebrations in Colombo hotels. Once late veteran leftist politician Sarath Muttetuwegama questioned in the parliament “how Israel-an international pariah -held its independence celebration in Colombo-the capital of Non Aligned Movement.

However relations between Sri Lanka and Israel began to improve in the wake of the end of ethnic war in May 2009 and continue to flourish to date.

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Disclaimer: Israel celebrated its independence this week. The question is from whom they got independence By Latheef Farook. - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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