Godahewa predicts Govt. cannot secure even 20% of vote at LG polls

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  • Claims Govt. has failed to gain confidence of international community and organisations thus calling for a change in Govt. this year
  • Says no solution for crisis unless Govt. is changed
  • Tells people LG polls will be best opportunity to give clear message to country’s rulers


Parliamentarian Dr. Nalaka Godahewa predicts that the current Government will not be able to secure even 20% of the vote at the upcoming local Government elections. Noting that the Government has failed to gain the confidence

of the international community and organisations, Godahewa said there should be a change in Government in the new year. “I believe 2023 should be a year of elections,” he said.

Godahewa made these comments during a press conference held at the Freedom People’s Congress office yesterday.

Noting that some may feel elections should not be held due to the ongoing crisis, Godahewa said it should be looked at differently. “A solution cannot be found for the crisis without the change of Government,” he noted. “The President will be able to dissolve Parliament in March 2023. He has the responsibility to dissolve Parliament and seek the people’s mandate,” he added.

Godahewa pointed out that the President himself has not been appointed through the people’s mandate and there is a distortion in Parliament today. “They have appointed a person who lost at the elections and is supporting them. A majority in the Government has crossed over to the opposition,” he explained.

The MP said the calling for nominations from 18 January is some form of progress given the various attempts made to delay the polls. However, he also expressed his concerns about the possibility of the Government managing to delay the elections even at this stage. Godahewa said however the country must prepare for polls as this will be the best opportunity for the people to make their voices heard.

Godahewa said he does not believe one party will be able to dominate the polls as no party seems to enjoy the majority support of the people. “But the most important aspect will be the ability to give a message to the Government. I do not believe the current Government will even secure 20% of the votes. It can even be far less,” the MP predicted.

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