Hijab verdict effect: Woman denied seat in Mumbai local, netizens regret

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The worst fears about the fallout of the Karnataka High Court judgment on hijab have come true when a Muslim woman was denied seat in a Mumbai local. Narrating how his wife was humiliated in the train, her dentist husband alleged that she had to go through the ordeal just because she was wearing a hijab. The fact that she was carrying her baby in her arms cut no ice on their co-passengers.

Dr. Pravez Mandiwala, a resident of Mira road, took to Twitter to narrate what happened with her wife. On Wednesday, while travelling in the local train, he said a Good Samaritan offered his seat to his wife considering that she was carrying her baby. However, other passengers chipped in not to let her sit on the vacated seat. They insisted that only a sari-clad woman has the privilege to occupy a seat in the train.

“My wife was denied a seat in a local train today because she was wearing a #Hijab. A gentleman vacated his seat for her, but other passengers insisted some sari-clad ladies take the seat instead, despite the fact that my wife was carrying our infant child. Where will this end? Pravez tweeted.

His tweet narrating the incident has drawn a lot of traction. Even Mumbai Railway reacted to the incident extending an apology to him.

“Sir, we regret the experience your family had to go through. We request you to DM us your contact number if you would like to file a complaint in this regard or talk about it further. We will assist you with the process,” replied Mumbai Railway Police Commensurate in a tweet.

Talking to the website of Free Press Journal, Pravez expressed his disgust over such incidents happening in India.

“It is not about my wife or my family, but about the society we are evolving into and the environment we are heading towards. That is my only concern. We need to engage in a positive dialogue with each other to counter this Islamophobic narrative,” he added. However, that being said by the concerned, the travel route was noted as Nallasopara to Mira Road, and that it took place on Tuesday morning,” he said.

Some prominent personalities, including political activists, reacted to the incident with regret. Yogendra Yadav asked Pravez to convey his apology to his wife.

Political satirist Akash Banerjee noted with regret that Karnataka High court’s judgment upholding hijab ban caused hate against hijab wearing women.

Karnataka High Court has banned wearing hijab in colleges and schools after Hindutva groups and leaders had launched hateful campaigns against hijab wearing students in Karnataka.

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