All hell broke loose on women, daughters for embracing Islam in Maharashtra

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Hindutva inspired neighbours have asked a widow and her two daughters to vacate their home in the vicinity of Nagpur, the winter capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra after they knew that the mother and her two daughters have embraced Islam.

The area known as Kamptee had earlier witnessed a flare-up after a post supporting BJP’s Nupur Sharma who gave blasphemous comments during a TV show. Weeks after the communal tension, the latest incident has left security agencies on tenterhooks.

The woman’s husband had suffered a paralytic attack and eventually passed away around a couple of years ago, leaving the economically weak family in dire straits. With her daughters in college, the woman was struggling to make her both ends meet.

The family began depending on the support of a young Muslim shop owner in front of their house, whom she started calling her son. The youth also allowed the family to use his shop premises, before shifting elsewhere to a bigger facility.

Inspired by the treatment of the Muslim shopkeeper, when the woman and her daughters decided to embrace Islam, all hell broke loose. The youth was squarely blamed for the family’s religious conversion. “We have a family-like bond which has nothing to do with Islam. Until someone has a deep-rooted affinity and attraction for Islam, the religion doesn’t accept such a conversion,” said the businessman.

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