Modi regime victimizing journalists not toeing its line

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India is world’s one of the most dangerous countries for independent journalists where harassment of media persons not toeing the line of Narendra Modi-led fascist government has become the order of the day.

As many as 18 journalists have been killed in India in last 5 years as Modi regime is using different intimidating tactics to harass the journalists, said a report released, today, by Kashmir Media Service.

It said, lawsuits, killings and intimidations of journalists is a routine matter in India and attacks on journalists critical of the government have sharply increased since Modi’s BJP came to power in 2014. It pointed out that India under Modi continues to slide down the World Press Freedom Index and has been ranked 142nd out of 180 countries in Reporters Without Border’s latest annual rankings.

The report said there is a growing trend of judicial harassment and intimidation against those journalists who don’t toe the BJP line. It said the media persons are booked under draconian laws for speaking truth in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir also. Victimization of journalists in the occupied territory increased manifold since August 5, 2019, it added.

The report pointed out that India’s investigative journalist Rana Ayyub has become the latest target of Modi regime as she has received death and rape threats from Hindu extremists. It said that the Mumbai-based female Muslim journalist is under attack for her critical reporting of Modi government. Even the UN experts have expressed concern over the harassment of Rana Ayyub and called upon the Indian authorities to stop victimizing her, it said.

The report maintained that the Modi government is targeting the free press to hide its crimes against religious minorities from the world. It added that the assault on the free press in India is a wake-up call for the global media organizations.

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