Rising Hindutva fascism against minorities under Modi

Bound to  divide communities and destabilise India.

By Latheef Farook

Ever since  Narendra Modi waselectedPrime Minister two years ago theRSS,Rastriya Swayam Sevak, began implementing its fascist Hindutva agenda against Muslims, so called low caste Hindus called Dalits and Christians.

Under the guise of protecting cows, RSS thugs calling  themselves” Cow Vigilante”have unleashed medieval style barbarityonMuslims ,cruelty towards  Dalits and death for  Hindus converting to other religions.

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Tame rising militant racism before it tames the government and the country.

lf daily mirrorIsn’t it time that the governmentandthe mainstream Sinhalesecommunity wake up and tame militant racist mercenaries before they tame the government and turn the country into a killing field?

It appears that racist mercenaries who persecuted Muslims during Mahinda Rajapaksa regime seem to be raising their heads todestabilise President Maithripala Sirisena’sgovernment. Perhaps they are tryingto help defeated political forces to stage a comeback by trying to exploit the unstable political and economic situationespecially in view of thegovernment’s failure or refusal tofulfil its promises.

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Peaceful Hinduism hijacked by RSS Hindutva fascists

modimaskPlight of Indian  Muslims under RSS today

by Latheef Farook  :  

Attacks on Muslims, burning to death innocent Muslim men, women, children and the aged and torching their residential, commercial and Industrial property have been common occurrences in India ever since India was partitioned in 1947.

The main architect of this barbarity has been the  Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS, and its deceptive fronts such as VHP, BJP, Shiv Sena and many others who call themselves Hindus.

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