One Country one Law/one joke!

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A man in a yellow robe who is out of jail on a presidential pardon (contempt of court is what he is convicted of) oversees drafting a new set of laws for governing our beloved “EX- Pearl” of the Indian Ocean. This entire action can only be interpreted as a collective slap in the face for not only the judiciary, the lawmakers of the land (parliament) but the whole NATION. This slap in the face is exacerbated into a kick in the proverbials by the fact that only certain laws (mainly governing the Muslim community) are going to be looked at. Meanwhile certain archaic and outdated laws governing the Kandyians (of whom I am a proud and pure-bred member) are not going to be addressed. I hasten to add my lineage only to dispel any thoughts from my readers that I have any bias towards or jealousy of any community.

A lawbreaker sentenced by a court of law is in charge of making new laws. Surely, no self-respecting judge or even lawyer can tolerate this? The parliament we know is nothing but a joke, but even those “earthworms” have a modicum or a miniscule shred of self-respect? Is there nothing that is going to be done? Simply the usual empty meaningless rhetoric followed by a deafening silence. Surely not this time? Isn’t this the final straw that broke the camel’s back, if it isn’t it D…. well should be!

There is a lot that can be done. Lawyers and the judiciary can deploy their many talents to convey the message to the nation in the different languages that they are fluent in. Unfortunately, their services will have to be “pro bono” and this may prove to be a decisive factor in negating matters. The “earthworms” can ensure that the budget does not pass. For once they can acknowledge that the litany of lies (as I have described it before) that is tabled every year in November does not pass, thereby denying this government of relatives the opportunity to continue robbing and raping our country and keeping an inept president in power.

Is it that hard? Indeed, it isn’t. It is simply the will that is lacking. The lawyers are too busy making packets of money by drawing out cases for years and years and charging for every time a case is postponed. They don’t really care if an unqualified misanthrope wearing any sort of robe or even a king without clothes makes the laws. All they need is to find ways of ensuring that cases do not come to speedy conclusions. As for the judiciary, I cannot say what I wish to say on that subject for contempt of court charges happen with alacrity in the Pearl and in spite of an alleged hot line being available to request for presidential pardons (watch Asikland a circle of strife) it is only those with “connections” and having the title of “apey man” who are bestowed such pardons.

I know reason and logic do not exist in the decision-making process of the Pearl, but one has to try to work out why such decisions are taken. Beside the obvious fact that the collective kick is also aimed at the Cardinal (who seems to have grown a prominent pair over the last few months) and the insult, a controversial Buddhist monk given the reins will cause, and aiming the kick at the Muslim community which has been a favourite target since the Tamils are now decimated, I fear the agenda is greater. Why there are no members of other communities and religions on this committee. Why no members of the fair sex? I know this will only serve as a rubber-stamping process for what the ruling family wishes to try and impose on the masses, working of course on the premise that “the masses are Asses” but still, isn’t some sort of credibility required. This is nothing but another clear display of the utter contempt that the ruling family has for the Asses who voted them in. However, I fear another agenda…. More on that later.

The newspapers are full of statements from various people about how they are going to protest against the blatant corruption in the country. The handing over of the LPG facility without due process to at least a dozen other items in the front page of just one newspaper. We all know this is a simple waste of newsprint, maybe they should limit the import of newsprint to save precious foreign currency! Nothing is going to be done even to the person who has pocketed a fat commission from selling the TV rights to our cricket when he was piloting the nosedive that the sport has taken. On that subject I watched the exponents of that game who represent our country, in their recent misadventure against Australia. I will reserve my comments and limit myself to an incident I witnessed in another game. Afridi (of boom boom fame) who has retired from playing cricket for Pakistan was shown briefly watching a game and the cheer he got from the Pakistan fans (obviously fond memories for services rendered) left me wondering if any of our ex-players would get such a rousing acknowledgement from our fans. I doubt it because we all know that each and every one of them was only playing to their own agendas and not one of them had the greater good of the game at heart when they did or indeed continue to do what they do TO cricket in the Pearl.

Back to the long-term agenda of governance in the Pearl as I see it. Divide and rule was the motto of the British Raj. They succeeded and the untold damage they have caused to the very fabric of the society, in countries such as ours has never been acknowledged and indeed not even addressed by anyone, including ourselves. The present agenda seems to be divide and instigate violence among communities, to rule. When things get out of hand and the rulers have nothing but searing contempt for those they rule, Martial law is a real option. If violence erupts among the communities when barbaric laws are imposed due to unqualified idiots framing such laws, it can be justified that the military is required to control the situation. An inept and useless parliament and civil society that has only empty rhetoric to offer has their days numbered in single digits, if you ask me!

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