Concerns raised over legitimacy of court-approved surveys regarding Muslim religious sites in India

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New Delhi: Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, a prominent Islamic scholar, has raised alarms over the political undertones surrounding Muslim religious sites in India, particularly focusing on the Gyanvapi Masjid, Kashi, and Mathura mosques.

In a media interview, Dr. Khan expressed deep skepticism about the legitimacy of recent court-approved surveys, excavations, and reports, branding them as illegal activities lacking proper legal cover.

Highlighting concerns over potential bias, Dr. Khan suggested that individuals appointed for these tasks may be receiving political directives, shaping narratives to the detriment of the Muslim community. He proposed the involvement of an international institution specializing in archaeological surveys to ensure credibility, emphasizing the current illegality of the ongoing endeavors.

Drawing attention to the existing law enacted in 1990, which safeguards religious places as they stood in 1947, Dr. Khan emphasized the need for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consider amendments that would allow surveys and interventions by courts. He questioned the permissions granted by courts for these activities, labeling them as illegal and suggesting they would be dismissed by any foreign court.

Dr. Khan delved into the political nature of recent decisions, pointing out the unresolved issues of Kashi and Mathura mosques for the past 40 years. He raised doubts about the legitimacy of the Indian Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya case, questioning the absence of judges’ signatures on the document and hinting at a political rather than a legal decision.

Expressing concern over the ongoing trend, Dr. Khan warned that the “legal” targeting of Muslim places of worship may persist, with new claims emerging even after old ones are settled. He criticized the inauguration of an incomplete temple and the government’s extensive promotion of the event, deeming it against the secular nature of the state and indicative of a political agenda.

In conclusion, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan highlighted the urgency for international attention on these controversial developments, asserting that the actions, condoned by the government, are part of a larger program to transform India into a Hindu nation.

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