Modi regime pursuing RSS agenda of saffronising IIOJK

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Srinagar: Political experts and analysts based in Srinagar have said that Narendra Modi-led Indian government is aggressively pursuing the RSS’s agenda of saffronizing the Muslim-majority Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the political experts and analysts in their interviews and statements said that in the latest bid of Indianization of occupied Kashmir, the Modi regime rechristened 33 colleges, schools and roads in the territory. They said the Indian government has already renamed number of educational institutions, roads and important places having Muslim-rooted names.

The political experts and analysts deplored that the properties, lives, honour and religious identity of Kashmiri Muslims are under attack of Modi’s Hindutva regime and this name changing spree is aimed at erasing Muslim culture and its imprints from IIOJK. They pointed out that the Hindutva ideology is the main driving force behind the Indianization of Kashmir. They said, Hinduization of Muslim-majority Kashmir is aimed at establishing hegemony of Hindus and Hindu way of life there. They said, Modi’s August 5, 2019 illegal actions were meant to snatch Kashmiris’ identity and dignity.

The political experts and analysts said India wants to snatch the Kashmiris’ identity to harm their struggle for right to self-determination. The Kashmiri people are ever ready to jointly frustrate all attempts aimed at Hinduizing IIOJK, they said, adding that the wicked tactics of Modi and his henchmen cannot stop the Kashmiris from pursuing their just struggle.

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