Call to resolve Palestine, Kashmir issues for world peace

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Islamabad: President of Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD), an international organization active for peace and religious harmony, Dr. Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum has called for protection of the Al Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla, and securing the rights of the Palestinian and Kashmiri people for peace in the Middle East and South Asia and the world at large.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Sardar Tahir Tabassum in a statement issued in Islamabad said, “eace-loving nations and countries should play an effective role in establishing peace in the Middle East and South Asia by resolving the Palestine and Kashmir issues.

He said Israel’s chemical weapons bombing and massacre of civilians in Gaza is an affront to humanity and a reprehensible brutal act. The United Nations and the Red Cross and other relief agencies should immediately provide treatment, water, alternative housing and other facilities to the affected population.

INSPAD President urged the UN, OIC, Arab League, China, Russia, Germany, Iran,Turkey and Saudi Arabia to force Israel to ensure a ceasefire. Otherwise the situation may get out of control at some point, he warned.

“Even after the death of one thousand innocent children and more than four hundred women and displacement of one million people in Gaza, the world did not feel ashamed,” he deplored. He said, the West will have to end its strict two face standards, otherwise it will be impossible to stop the clash of civilizations.

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