Lingering Kashmir dispute warrants international community’s proactive role

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The international community may hopefully be instrumental in resolving the Kashmir issue in near future, the Pakistani nation has been steadfastly supporting the Kashmiris for decades particularly after the illegal and unilateral revocation of the special status of Indian illegal occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) in August 2019 by New Delhi.

The unequivocal support for the Kashmiris at the critical juncture will definitely have an imprint for the ultimate resolution of the issue as the people of the IIOJK have been undergoing an unprecedented reign of terror and suppression in the wake of annexation of the occupied territory which is aimed at altering the demography and turning the majority Muslim community into a minority.

The Kashmir Solidarity Day, February 5, reminds the international community of a solemn pledge by the United Nations through its resolutions to give the right to self-determination to the Kashmiris through a plebiscite under the auspices of the world body.

The Day’s observance was a recognition of the everlasting ideological, geographical, cultural and social ties the people of Pakistan have with their Kashmiri brethren, who had been fighting for decades to liberate themselves from the tyrannic Indian rule, All Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) General Secretary Sheikh Abdul Mateen said while talking to APP on Friday.

He said the lingering issue warranted the international community’s proactive role for its early resolution and the observance of Solidarity Day resonated that message and at the same time gave further momentum to the Kashmiris’ freedom movement.

The APHC leader said since the Indian forces had closed down the entire occupied valley, gagged the media and imprisoned the political leadership, the commemoration of such days exposed the Indian brutalities before the world.

He said the Solidarity Day was not only observed within Pakistan but also across the world where its foreign missions held events and invited dignitaries to sensitize them about the plight of Kashmiris.

The observance of the Day also helped highlight the message of Kashmiris in print and electronic media, he added.

The APHC general secretary said the Kashmiris had been braving the Indian suppression for the last seven decades and offering sacrifices, and the Pakistani nation by remembering the Day reminded the international community of the gravity of Kashmir issue.
He said no peace would prevail in the region until the Kashmiris get their right of self-determination. The Kashmir issue was a flashpoint as Pakistan and India had already clashed on it. Being nuclear powers another war would be disastrous for the whole world, he added.

APHC Press Secretary Imtiaz Wani said despite the heinous crimes and oppressions committed by the Indian occupation forces in IIOJK, Kashmiris would continue to show their love for Pakistan.

“Pakistan and Kashmir are conjoined as their history and religion are similar. The love of Kashmiris for Pakistan can be traced back to the partition as they stood against the Dogra Raj and made the liberated area part of their beloved country,” he said.

The Kashmiris took pride to bury their martyrs wrapped in the National Flag Pakistan, Wani added.

He said the Indian media kept mum on the atrocities of the occupation forces in IIOJK and at the same time carrying out a propaganda against Pakistan. “India will not succeed in subjugating the valiant Kashmiris, who will continue their struggle till their freedom.”

He, however, stressed that the anti-Pakistan propaganda in the wake of Kashmir issue must be countered through an effective media campaign._APP

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