Hate Speech: Several orders issued, no one is taking action, says Indian SC

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The Supreme Court of India made it known that it had issued a number of orders concerning hate speech in programmes. Although it was decided to look into a petition against a hate speech event in Mumbai on February 5, nothing is being done as of yet.

Before a bench presided over by Justice KM Joseph, a lawyer raised the issue and asked for an expedited hearing. The bench, consisting of Justices Anirudha Bose and Harishi Cash Roy, announced that it would consult Chief Justice DY Chandrachur and after his approval the matter will be put to a further hearing.

The bench reportedly rebuked the attorney verbally: “You ask us to feel ashamed after receiving repeated directives,” according to media reports. Numerous orders were passed, yet nothing was done. It shouldn’t be necessary to request directions from the Supreme Court in response to an occurrence.

The bench told the lawyer, “We are with you on this, but understand that the Supreme Court cannot be mobilized every time.”

The attorney demanded that the case be heard right away, citing a purported hate speech protest in Mumbai.

The bench emphasised that it has already made a decision that is quite clear and said that if protests are staged all across the nation each time the Supreme Court should be petitioned in court.

In October, last year, the Supreme Court ordered the Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand governments to tighten down on hate speech and file criminal cases against the perpetrators immediately without waiting for a complaint to be lodged.

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