Muslim girls forced to recite Hindu prayers in IIOJK school

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A recent video making rounds on social media shows Muslim girls being forced to sing Hindu prayers in Indian illegally occupied Kashmir.

In the disturbing incident, Muslim girls from a Govt Girls Secondary School of Salaar village of Pehalgam in Islamabad district were being forced to recite Hindu prayers by their teachers.

The girls, all Muslim, were assembled during a morning assembly. Upon their refusal to recite Hindu prayers, they were threatened with expulsion from the school.

The incident has been widely condemned by Muslim civil society and human rights groups around the world, with many calling for immediate action against the teachers and those responsible.

The video has been shared by Muzammil Ayyub Thakur, an online Kashmir-based activist.

The Islam Information website wrote that Islamophobia in India and occupied Kashmir is on the rise, as evidenced by the recent incident in which a mentally disabled Muslim man was burnt alive by a Hindu mob. The killings of Muslims are also increasing at an alarming rate, reaching the highest levels ever recorded.

Similarly, in occupied Kashmir, Muslims face immense pressure from Indian armed forces, despite it being a Muslim-majority region, to refrain from practicing their religion. The Indian government, with a Hindu-centric approach, actively promotes their religious and political agenda, seeking to reshape the region according to their beliefs.

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