Mother of girl who was stripped in Manipur shared her harrowing story with media

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 The mother of one of the two women stripped naked in India’s troubled state of Manipur told the Indian media that her husband and son had also been killed.

The victim’s mother in an interview to a private channel said that the violent mob dragged her daughter naked in front of the camera and molested her.

After this shocking video came out, the pain of the victims also started to come to the public. According to the Indian media, the mother of the victim girl describes her helplessness and the indifference of the Indian government and says that it will not be possible for her to go back to her village.

Recalling the moment, she falls into a semi-fainting state of tears, words coming out of her mouth stops. She said the government did not take any steps to stop the violence. She said the violent mob killed his husband and son mercilessly.

She said this shameful incident took place on May 4. Narrating her grief, the mother said, “I lost my little son, who was the only hope of my life.” He was sent to school for a good education, but now his father is no more, therefore, whenever she thinks about her future, she does not see any hope, she added.

She said the relationship of trust between the Meitei and Kuki tribes has been completely broken and the tension has increased. She said in this situation, she doesn’t even think of returning home. She said, “There is no chance of going back to our village because our house was burnt, fields were burnt and my husband and son were killed.

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