Serial hate-monger Chavhanke again harps on ‘Spit Jihad’, targets Muslim traders

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 Serial hate-monger and a staunch Hindutva propagandist, Sudarshan TV chief Suresh Chavhanke, recently targeted Muslim traders and Muslim businesses again harping on his “Spit Jihad” theory.

Addressing a Hindu Hunkaar Sabha, organised by the Hindutva organisation Sakal Hindu Samaj in Kopargaon town of Ahmednagar district of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Chavhanke delivered an extremely hateful speech against Muslims and Islam.

‘Spit Jihad’ was first coined during the Covid pandemic when Hindutva chauvinists and Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s servile media targeted Muslim traders accusing them of spitting on their merchandise before selling them.

At the Kopargaon event, Chavhanke mocked Islam at many points in his speech and warned the Maharashtra government that if loudspeakers used at mosques for namaz are not banned then the Hindus will get their own speakers to raise the religious chant of “Har Har Mahadev” five times a day.

Chavhanke also spread conspiracy theories about madrassas in the state. He provoked the assembled Hindus at the event by claiming that the mosques in Maharashtra have been built after temples were demolished.

Continuing his diatribe, the hate-monger said there are 35,000 madrassas in the entire Pakistan whereas there are 72,000 madrassas in Maharashtra alone.
“They teach Muslims in madrassas that a non-Muslim is a Kaafir and deserves to be killed. The government is using the taxes you pay to fund these madrassas,” he said.

“In this village of Kopargaon, the vegetable business used to belong to the Hindu community. Who does it belong to now?”

The crowd roared “Muslims,” the video shows.

“These Muslims sell the vegetables after applying their own saliva on them. The purity of your vegetables has been snatched away,” Chavhanke said.

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