Muslim genocide calls in India by Sikandar Noorani

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Troubled neighbourhood continues to threaten regional peace with obvious implications for Pakistan.

On western border, signs of stability are not yet visible! As usual, Pakistan once again played a key role to stabilize the region by hosting OIC’s Extraordinary Session about the worsening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Though it was a right step in the right direction, yet restoration of peace and stability in an ideal sense remains a distant possibility under the existing complicated scenario in Afghanistan.

Threat of terrorism emanating from Afghanistan’s soil and challenge of refugee influx are undeniably the top security concerns for Pakistan.

On Eastern border, traditional arch-rival India is not in any mood to give peace any chance.

Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to the rapidly worsening situation across the LoC in IIOJK where BJP’s deep obsession with demographic change agenda persistently fuelling the public sentiments.

Besides atrocities in Kashmir, security forces and multiple Hindutva influenced cults have started posing a much enhanced violent challenge to the so-called secular or democratic image of India.

Extremists initially poised against the Muslims, driven with venomous religio-political ideology, are now increasing their destructive influence by taking Christians and Sikhs in crosshairs.

Extremist mindset prevailing in the power corridors of New Delhi has started penetrating deeply in Indian society.

Countless incidents can be recalled as quick evidence of BJP sponsored religious and communal bigotry.

No less than Parliament’s floor was used to breach the secular norms by approving controversial CAA, which actually intended to evict the Muslims from Assam.

Stripping of quasi-autonomous statehood from Kashmir through abrogation of Article 370 subsequent conversion of the disputed zone in Union Territory also surfaced in the legislative house as the initial phase of a long-term treacherous plan.

Now, this sinister plan has started unfolding. BJP hawks are bulldozing demographic change agenda in J&K with a clear aim to subdue the Muslim majority.

No one, except BJP hawks in Kashmir, is ready to trust the draft proposals of the delimitation commission due to obvious inbuilt biasness.

Hurriyat leadership out rightly rejected the delimitation process because of its actual intent revolving around the idea of creating artificial dominance of Hindu community.

Gupkar Alliance too, led by a bunch of former CMs from Abdullah and Mufti clans, unlike the past seems apprehensive about the ill-intentions of New Delhi as evident from frequent criticism of the delimitation process.

Muslim eviction drive is also in progress in various parts of Assam and its reporting on Indian media remained meaningfully too low.

Controversial law AFSPA is under extreme criticism and for a change, in addition to J&K, demands to repeal the notorious law have started emerging from Nagaland as well.

Horrific killing of 14 innocent miners by Indian security forces stirred a strong retaliatory vibe in oppressed communities against decades-old discriminatory practices and unabated human rights violations.

Security forces mercilessly killed 14 miners by alleging them terrorists without adopting any legitimate process of verification.

This tragic incident in Nagaland alone is enough to assess the dangerous tendency of highhandedness of armed forces crossing all limits from inhuman torture to merciless extrajudicial killings.

Trigger-happy decision makers extended AFSPA in Manipur and Nagaland, which is nothing but a threatening message to the locals as well as a strong reflection of worsening internal fissures of India.

Christian community has witnessed probably the worst ever violence and discrimination in Indian history.

Extremists affiliated with RSS and its sub-organizations forcefully disrupted Christmas celebrations.

Religious sentiments of Christian community were badly hurt when news about the demolition of Jesus Christ’s statue surfaced in the media.

Shocking effects were multiplied with the BJP government’s decision to ban funding for missionaries working under the banner of the Trust founded by world renowned Nobel Laureate Mother Tressa.

It can be fairly assessed that none of the religious minority is safe in India. A new wave of religious bigotry is more intensive, hateful and violent.

Out of all recent hateful events, the shocking calls for the Muslim genocide from Dharam Sansad platform made by Hindu priests at Haridwar have spread a wave of fear among already marginalized community.

A Committee comprising 22 senior Hindu priests has been formed primarily to lead the armed campaign against the Muslims.

Media has published photos of the RSS-affiliated teenagers marching like a military parade on roads.

Anti Muslim sentiments are being infused in young brains through Nazi-style oath taking ceremonies.

Game of religious bigotry begun by BJP seems unstoppable as evident from online auction of the prominent Muslim women through an objectionable App developed and run by the Hindu extremists.

Minorities especially the Muslims, are living in a constant state of fear. All persons of Indian security forces accused for Haiderpura fake encounter have received a clean chit from special investigation team.

While the minorities are bleeding, weeping for the departed loved ones and facing nerve breaking psychological pressure, Indian Premier Modi and his close aides have maintained a meaningful silence which is tantamount to undeclared support for ongoing religious bigotry.

Peace inside and around India cannot prevail without a change of heart in the ruling regime.

The Bollywood star Naseer-ud-Din Shah has very rightly forewarned about the looming threat of civil war in India over shocking calls for a Muslim genocide.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.

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