India played nefarious role in Pakistan’s dismemberment in 1971

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Islamabad: India’s nefarious role in dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 is an established fact as its role in arming, training and instigating the Mukti Bahini was the greater factor in the creation of Bangladesh.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Indian leaders, including its present-day fascist Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, have openly confessed about the Indian role to break up Pakistan in 1971. It said India is fueling its hate for Pakistan into the minds and hearts of Bangladeshi people through reigniting twisted and fabricated ills of 1971, adding that its interference in internal affairs of Bangladesh started right from its creation in 1971.

The report said animosity of the Bharatiya Janata Party towards Muslims is evident from rising Islamophobia in India under Modi and contributions by the leaders of Bengal have been pioneering and phenomenal in the Pakistan movement. All India Muslim League, the party which championed the cause of Pakistan, itself was formed in Dhaka in 1906, it maintained.

It said that Bangladesh continued to maintain its Muslim character which proved that Two-Nation Theory had not been drowned in the Bay of Bengal as claimed by Indira Gandhi in 1971.

It deplored that India, under Modi-led fascist government, has intensified meddling in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries, including Bangladesh. Pakistan and Bangladesh should start a new chapter of their relations to defeat the Indian hegemonic designs, it added.

The report said Bangladesh needs to realize the Indian role in creating fissures between Islamabad and Dhaka adding India is influencing Bangladesh to further its hegemonic designs in South Asia. It lamented that the Indian leadership had not accepted Pakistan since its creation in 1947 and was still engaged in fomenting trouble in Pakistan through its proxies.

It should be mentioned that December 16 is marked as creation of Bangladesh and dismemberment of Pakistan.

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