Kashmiris and Palestinians victims of India-Israel evil nexus since decades

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Srinagar: Political experts and analysts in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir have said that Kashmiris and Palestinians have been victims of India-Israel evil nexus for the last more than seven decades.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the political experts and analysts in their interviews and statements in Srinagar said, the illegal occupations of Muslim lands of Kashmir and Palestine are depiction of anti-Islam bond between India and Israel. They said beyond economic cooperation, India and Israel are sharing racist, violent practices to demonize Islam and Muslims.

The political experts and analysts said anti-Islam bias is the common thread uniting Hindutva India and Zionist Israel and the biggest factor for growing relations between the two countries is their common hatred against Muslims. They said India and Israel alliance is a dangerous recipe for worldwide expansion of racism and Islamophobia as the two countries are brazen violators of international treaties and covenants.

The political experts and analysts pointed out that ideological bond between Hindutva and Zionism serves as the core in India-Israel relationship and cooperation between the two countries has increased manifold since Narendra Modi came to power in India. They noted that most of the pro-Zionist statements on various social media platforms find wide support from Indian accounts in the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza. They maintained that the outpouring of online support by Hindutva accounts for Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza is the outcome of deeply entrenched anti-Muslim sentiment in Modi’s India.

The political experts and analysts said India and Israel share a common geo-strategic interest in destabilization of Pakistan. They said, India-Israel entire cooperation is in pursuit of their expansionist designs within and across their respective regions and both countries are furthering their settler-colonial projects in Kashmir and Palestine to legalize the eviction of indigenous communities. They added that India is copying Israel’s techniques of oppression ranging from extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions and surveillance to fortify its illegal hold on Kashmir.

The political experts and analysts lamented that the United Nations has failed to implement the resolutions it passed for the settlement of the disputes of Kashmir and Palestine several decades ago. They maintained that the international community must take practical steps for the settlement of these longstanding disputes for ensuring permanent peace in the world.

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