Distortion of Israel’s violent history

EU President made a mockery of herself

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By Latheef Farook

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen made a mockery of herself and became a laughing stock when she claimed   that Israel  made “the desert bloom”. 

Addressing the North Sea summit in Ostend last month she praised Israel for having “made the desert bloom”.

She said “seventy-five years ago, a dream was realised with Israel’s Independence Day. After the greatest tragedy in human history, the Jewish people could finally build a home in the Promised Land.  Today, we celebrate 75 years of vibrant democracy in the heart of the Middle East, 75 years of dynamism, ingenuity and groundbreaking innovations. You have literally made the desert bloom”,

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen

This is deliberate distortion of history to cover up Israel’s crime record and hood wink the world, especially the present generation , of the blood soaked   history of Israel. There was no Israel before 1948 when US and European powers blackmailed United Nations and passed a resolution offering Palestinian lands to Jewish settlers   to create  the alien entity of Israel.The main purpose  has been  to  destabilize the Muslim  Middle East.

In the population census of 1904 the Palestinians, both Muslims and Christians, were 96 percent while the remaining four percent were Jews.That was the time when Palestine was the most peaceful  place-perhaps- may be  in this planet.

Violence  came when the British mandatory power together with Zionist Jews started bringing Jews  to settle them in Palestinian lands to create Israel .When the Palestinian resisted  Zionist Jews massacred them. First such massacre  was  in the village of  Deir Yassin where Jewish terrorist Menachem Begin  slaughtered more than 250 Palestinians.  Begin later became prime minister of Israel and was awarded the coveted Nobel Prize.In the process they wiped out around 500 Palestinian villages which were later occupied by imported Jewish settlers.

That was the   iron grip the Jews had , and still having, on US and Europe.Since then all Israeli leaders including present prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu  continue to kill Palestinian  men, women, children and the aged on a regular basis.

15  May 2023 was the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, Arabic for catastrophe, a seismic event for Palestinians which saw close to a million displaced from their homes and an estimated 20,000 killed by settler militias during the formation of the state of Israel. Palestinians and their allies across the world commemorate this brutal event with marches, protest actions, film screenings, photography exhibitions and other remembrance event.  Such marches were held all over the world  this year too.

Hitting out  at Ursula von  the Palestinian Authority (PA)  described the phrase used by the EU leader as a “racist trope” that amounted to the “erasure” of the Palestinian people.

“Such propagandist discourse dehumanizes and erases the Palestinian people and falsifies their rich history and civilization. Likewise, such a narrative perpetuates the continued  racist denial of  Nakba and whitewashes Israel’s illegal occupation and apartheid regime . “It is also a betrayal to European citizens who do not endorse such racist erasure of the Palestinian people. President Ursula von der Leyen owes them and the Palestinian people an apology”,  read the statement.

Slamming EU commissioner’s  message   as ‘hypocritic, ignorant’    the Head of the Political and Foreign Relations Department of Hamas, Basem Naim, said  her words were marred with “political hypocrisy” and showed stark “ignorance of history”. In a statement, Naim said Israel’s establishment 75 years ago was not a “dream that came true”, but rather a “nightmare” that is still hanging over the heads of the Palestinian people. They are the ones still paying the price for “this sin committed by the West.”

“Those who persecuted and tortured the Jews for centuries were Europeans, and these Jews did not find a safe place except in our  Islamic countries. Do not atone for your sins at the expense of our people and their future,” he said.

Naim said von der Leyen   “Palestine was never a desert   but rather was for thousands of years the cradle of civilisations and a meeting point of coexistence and a path of science and progress from east to west.”

He stressed that the Palestinians expect European leaders to   demand Israeli war criminals be brought to justice for their crimes against Palestinians.

In an open letter to Von der Leyen  Gaza-based political analyst Haidar Eid  insisted the EU commission president should apologise for the blatant racism  .

We in Palestine are saddened that, 30 years after the collapse of apartheid in South Africa, the president of the EU Commission has not learned the lessons of that shameful history and continues to defend blatant racism and settler colonialism. Two-thirds of Palestinians in Gaza are refugees who were ethnically cleansed from their villages and towns by the country you are in love with and whose narrative you have completely endorsed. It seems you are unfamiliar with the works of Israel’s New Historians who debunked the Zionist narrative many years ago.  

Columnist Kamel Hawwash Said  said  EU could do a lot on Israel-Palestine conflict,but    has been  all talk and no action  .If EU  is to be taken seriously as a broker for peace, it   must   pressure Israel, just as the US has been doing against Palestinians.  Von der Leyen showed total indifference towards Palestinian suffering and violations of their human rights Ends

Thousands marched in London   to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba or Catastrophe, which is marked by Palestinians every May 15 to remember the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes and lands in 1948 after the founding of Israel

People march through downtown Chicago protesting Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip on 16 May 2021 (AFP).



Demonstrations were held all over Latin American countries. Here  is  the demonstration in Peru

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