Ceasefire! Protestors scream outside the home of Blinken by Dr Marwan Asmar

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US protesters have been camping outside the residence of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for the last three days.

They are calling on Blinken to push for a ceasefire on Gaza and stop the deadly Israeli war now reaching its fifth month on the enclave with the verbal slogan “ceasefire now you are committing genocide” and “free free Palestine”.

Many videos are circulating on the social media showing the protesters with different slogans showing the criminality of the war on Gaza.

In one video clip the Arab commentator starts by saying this is unbelievable of seeing foreigners stand and protest in cold, raining weather fighting for Palestine and the people of Palestine while Arabs safely tucked away in their homes afraid to go out in case they are beaten or get arrested or may even get a bullet.

He says these people are non-Muslims. They have no relations to Palestine neither from a religious point of view nor culturally, yet they are out protesting because they are human and want to stop the Israeli war now nearly in its fifth month on the enclave.

He says these people are camping on the very sides of the road and if a speeding car comes along it could easily kill them but they have been out here in the rains outside the official residence of Blinken calling for an immediate ceasefire.

He says Arabs across the region have let the Palestinians of Gaza down and unwilling to help them in their hours of need. He calls on these Arabs to wake up from their stupor because they would be next as their time is surely coming.

Whatever that means, it can be left to the commentator who just repeats “Arabs wake up.”

The major protests in support of the Palestinians and against the war on Gaza have been in mainly in European countries and the United States, standing against their governments who have been mainly supportive of the Israelis who have been waging war that is tantamount to a genocide on ordinary civilians in Gaza with the number of killed so far topping 27,000 people.

Marwan Asmar is a journalist from Amman, Jordan

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