Palestinians can’t live forever in ‘open-air jail’!

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by M M Zuhair


The United Nations which adopted the ‘Partition Resolution’ 181 on 29th November 1947 and the UN Security Council that strengthened the partition, which led to the destruction of Palestine as a wholesome State and the creation of Israel within Palestine on 14th May 1948, together with the Western powers which emasculated Palestine as a nation, must take full responsibility for the decades of unceasing wars including the currently escalating conflict between the Palestinians and Israel.

If Sri Lanka is similarly partitioned and a part of Sri Lanka is given to a Western, Indian or Khalistan proxy by the Security Council, will those who named Hamas as a terrorist entity, label any armed violent resistance by a Sri Lankan entity, say ‘aragalaya’, as ‘terrorists’? But shockingly the Western inspired Anti –Terrorism Bill in section 3(1)(b) makes it a ‘terrorist’ offence to resist ‘wrongfully or unlawfully’ meaning through violent resistance to any act (read not necessarily wrongful or unlawful say invasion) by any foreign government or to similarly compel an international organization (say UN SC or UN HRC) to do or not to do what they want in this country!

The immediate question is who will make the UNSC and the world powers accountable for their apparently willful failure to restore the Palestinians their stolen Statehood as the Security Council went through in May 2023, the completion of 75 years of the despicable deprivation of the Palestinian Statehood with the creation of the world’s first racist State. A racist State per se unlike a secular State can never be a genuine democracy as often claimed by Israel!

If such a State, Israel, created in the wrong part of the world by the UN SC and its Western promoters disproportionately abuses its mighty military power to oppress and deprive Palestinians of what was left to them after the unjust partition, what prevents the Palestinians naming Israel as a State terrorist entity! The world of today has ignored the true history of the plight of the Palestinians and Israel had radicalized them to the extent as described by an Israeli Commander on Tuesday as “human animals” to which the reply came that only “beasts can smell in that kingdom”! To condemn as terrorists those who fight in defense of their lands by pursuing the enemy would be to undermine the universally recognised right of self-defence!

The UN SC and the Western powers had failed to effectively pressurie Israel to give up those parts of the lands assigned to Palestine in the 1947 partition and illegally annexed by Israel since 1967 and wrongfully kept by them for over 56 years, with no hope of Palestine ever getting back their lands where Israelis were being permanently settled with sheer contempt for world opinion! Who will make the UN SC and the Western powers accountable for perverting international human rights and humanitarian laws?

Prospects of a two State solution was fruitlessly displayed in the Security Council while the United States disgracefully embraced the nuclear armed Israel, virtually giving the occupying State the status of the 51st Federal State of the US. The Security Council this week, could not agree even on an immediate ceasefire appeal, albeit inexplicably, allowing time for Israel to destroy the “enemy” whose lands it occupies, in violation of several humanitarian and human rights laws

The two State solution remains a ‘mirage in the desert’ while the Israeli occupied Palestine had, over the decades become a ‘refugee camp in an open-air jail’, raided regularly by the British created Israel occupying forces, the atrocities of which are dutifully protected by every US government.

On Saturday 7th October the world saw a major ‘jail break’ by the angry Palestinians, following the unprovoked series of acts of desecration of the third holiest Mosque of Islam, the Al Aqsa Mosque by the occupying Zionist forces.

The desecration of an over 1,400 year historical Mosque, in a city central to all revealed religions including the Christians and Jews has not been condemned by the government which condemned the Hamas attacks, though the President’s call for an immediate ceasefire needs to be supported. The US on the contrary had rushed war ships to the region in support of an already powerful Israel, instead of calling for a cessation of hostilities. Good business awaits the Western arms industry, at the expense of the lives of innocent civilians both in Palestine and Israel.

Meanwhile some of the warring Palestinians would soon be back in ‘jail’, if they do escape getting killed and the Israeli oppression and atrocities of freedom fighters and civilians will go on for years to come, ignored by world powers and so called human rights activists the world over, until the day the Palestinians get nuclear weapons for a final solution which the world should avoid at all costs.

Palestine needs to be free! Palestinians cannot live in an open-air jail! Wrongful occupation must end! Arms and ammunition of the US, Britain and the EU, the pro-Israeli UNSC and a compliant global media cannot suppress for-ever the fire of freedom raging within every Palestinian rendered Stateless by Western powers! They had waited for humanitarian solutions to come for 75 long years! Nuclear weapons will not solve problems. Revenge will never bring peace. Both together will annihilate humanity!

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